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  • Han Jimin
  • Han Jimin 한지민
    "A solid actor who assumes a heavy responsibility lightly. Her filmography full of brave choices"
<Josée> (2020)
<My Name Is KIM Bok-dong> (2019) narration
<Default> (2018)
<Miss Baek> (2018)
<Herstory> (2018)
<Keys to the Hear> (2018)
Short film <Two Lights: Relumino> (2017)
<The Age of Shadows> (2016)
<Salut d’Amour> (2015)
<The Fatal Encounter> (2014)
<The Plan Man> (2014)
<Detective K : Secret of Virtuous Widow> (2011)
<Cadaver> (2007)
<Blue Swallow> (2005)

Han Jimin is in full bloom with profound acting in melodramas. Since she was a teenager, she has been active in commercials and music videos based on her beauty and began acting in 2003 when she starred as a child actor of Song Hyekyo in All In, the popular TV series. Han played Lee Junghee, a female aviator in the film Blue Swallow (2005), and starred for the first time in the horror film Cadaver (2007), which depicts bizarre events that occur while medical students practice anatomy. It was Yi San, Wind of the Palace, the TV historical drama in 2007 that showed the actor’s talent and star quality in full. Han played Seong Songyeon, who helped King Jeongjo Yisan’s dream, fell in love, and became a royal concubine later.

After that, Han Jimin showed a femme fatal charm through Han Kaekju in Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow (2011), a fusion costume film that attracted public attention. She also showed oriental beauty, especially the traditional image of the Korean woman in Hanbok, the Korean dress, while playing Park Ha in Rooftop Prince, the romantic comedy TV series aired in 2012. In the historical drama The Fatal Encounter (2014), she appeared as ambitious Queen Jeongsun, who harassed King Jeongjo (Hyun Bin), transforming her image into a villain. On the other hand, through the romantic comedy The Plan Man (2014), she got out of costume dramas and gave off various witty and cheerful charms. Han expanded her acting career into romantic comedies by pulling off dancing and singing as Yoo Sojung, a musician.

She played Minjeong, a daughter of Geumnim (Yun Yuhjung), in the film Salut d’Amour (2015) and Yeon Gyesoon, a member of the Heroic Corps, who chooses to die in prison in The Age of Shadow (2016). In the short film Two Lights: Relumino (2017), the actor played Sooyoung, the character visually impaired. With a warm story about falling in love with a man who is losing his sight, the film shows Han Jimin’s characteristics. It was the melodramatic genre that could maximize her sensibility and softness to the point to be said, ‘A melodrama is her second nature.’ That was why she played a double role with the senior actor Kim Hyeja in the 2019 TV drama Dazzling.

The image of falling in love with a man coming close to her was enough to satisfy many people’s expectations.

Her turning point as an actor was the film Miss Baek (2018). She played the role of Baek Sangah, a low-life figure who communicated with a girl and tried to find the meaning of life, showing solid acting without losing Han Jimin’s unique soft charm. Called ‘Rediscovery of Han Jimin,’ the film was well received, and the actor swept the Best Actress at many awards, including the Blue Dragon Award. The evolution of such acting led to Josée (2020). Josée, who is in a wheelchair, falls in love with Youngseok (Nam Joohyuk), who helps her. Josée, played by Han Jimin, opens her heart by saying, “Eat before you go!” like a habit. However, knowing that their love cannot last, Josée calmly accepts the hunch of farewell. Han Jimin’s acting is in full bloom as Josée’s sympathy is added to the energy of Baek Sangha, an unyielding character. Han Jimin has proved that she can have her own voice not only in melodramas but in stories against the harsh world and the fetters of life. Jeon Jonghyuk

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