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  • Park Jinjoo
  • Park Jinjoo 박진주
    "A bold energizer has become the pearl of Korean cinema with prominent character acting and excellent singing talent"
<The Divine Fury> (2019)
<Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong> (2019)
<Swing Kids> (2018)
<Default> (2018)
<The Princess and the Matchmaker> (2018)
<My sister, The Pig Lady> (2015)
<The Plan Man> (2014)
<Koala> (2013)
<The Sleepless> (2012)
<Sunny> (2011)

In the hit film Sunny (2011), which depicts the friendship of high school girls who spent their school years in the 1980s, Park Jinjoo is known to the public as a slang-whanger character. She majored in musicals in the university and worked as a vocal trainer before becoming an actor. She is a talented singer who appeared on the music show ‘Masked Singer,’ advancing to the third round.

In most of the characters from sitcoms and Sunny (2011), her debut film and a representative film, Park showed strong and bold images. In the early days of her career, she mainly played cheerful youth characters in movies. Koala (2013), which deals with the start-up stories of young people, and My sister, The Pig Lady (2015), which depicts the story of young women, are the prime examples. The signature of the actor is the bright tone of women who live firmly without losing dreams and hopes. On the other hand, she is possible to act in an extremely different tone, and in the horror The Sleepless (2012), she played the role of a high school girl in horror, showing a high level of fear.

In the trendy youth TV series, Park Jinjoo usually appeared as a supporting actor who brought fun to the drama. Also, she left a strong impression by appearing as a cameo with a comic concept. While building up her own style with her clear diction, skillful dialect acting, and very experienced acting style for her age, Park tries to change her image little by little. Default (2018) is a case in point. In the movie, which deals with Korean society, which was chaotic during the IMF bailout, Park Jinjoo appeared as a member of a financial team that tries to save the nation from financial disaster, showing a cold and cool performance without any laughter. Before and after the role, she often played career women, expanding her character spectrum. She slowly gained recognition in TV series and won the Best Supporting Actress at the SBS Entertainment Awards for Reunited Worlds (2017). In the movie Swing Kids (2018), she worked with Kang Hyungchul again, the director of Sunny (2011), showing her unique character acting once again.

Park Jinjoo has appeared in several musicals since her debut and is currently waiting for the release of the musical film Hero (2021). In the film, which depicts the life of Ahn Junggeun, one of the great figures in Korean modern history, Park Jinjoo played the role of Ma Jinjoo, a Chinese girl who loved Ahn Junggeun. In the original musical, Ling Ling is the character. We look forward to the performance Park Jinjoo, whose singing skills are as good as a singer, will show us in the musical genre. Kim Hyungseok

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