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  • An Sohee
  • An Sohee 안소희
    "Wonder Woman in Korean pop world, starting up as 'Single Rider' in Korean film world"
<MEMORIES> (2019)
<A Single Rider> (2017)
<Hellcats, I Like It Hot> (2008)
short film <The Synesthesia For Overtone Construction> (2004)

In 2007, South Korea was heated by the craze of ‘Tell Me,’ sung by Wonder Girls, a girl group. An Sohee was at the center of it. The public cheered enthusiastically for the 17-year-old girl, who opened her eyes like a cat and shouted, ‘Oh my!’ An Sohee’s sour look in her cute appearance was her signature. The unique atmosphere differentiated her from other girls, bringing An closer to the public. Rising to the top at once upon her debut, Sohee was also given the term ‘national sister.’

And when her popularity was still hot, An Sohee stood in front of the screen with Hellcats, I Like It Hot (2007). In the movie, which depicts the love stories of three young women forthrightly, An Sohee showed off her presence by lovely portraying Kangae, an adolescent girl who wakes up to her first love emotion. It is wrong to think that she rode a free ride as an actor with the powerful fandom on her back. An Sohee prepared for acting besides singing and dancing during her trainee days at JYP Entertainment and started her career as an actor by appearing in the 2004 short film The Synesthesia For Overton Construction. She also earned the character, Kangae, in Hellcats, I Like It Hot, by participating in the audition before the song ‘Tell Me’ was released.

More deeply fascinated by the world of acting through Hellcats, I Like It Hot, An Sohee tested her potential as an actor after leaving Wonder Girls in 2015. The untypical looks and the ability to produce a sophisticated yet soft feminine beauty at the same time gave her several opportunities as an actor. Through TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016), which was invited to the Cannes Film Festival and attracted 10 million viewers, Sohee was recognized as a good actor by playing Jinhee, a confident high school girl and cheerleader of the high school baseball team.

In the TV series Entourage (2016), which is based on the American HBO drama series, An Sohee showed a new aspect that looked folky and humane while playing a promising popular actress. The movie A Single Rider (2016), in which she collaborated with Lee Byunghun, provided an opportunity for her to leap as an actor. She was praised for her detailed emotional performance as Yoo Jina, who came to Australia on a working holiday. Through TV series Waikiki 2 (2019) and Missing: the Other Side, Sohee is constantly digging into the well of acting, cleverly building up her colorful portfolios. The girl who sang, ‘I’m so hot, I’m so pretty, I’m so attractive,’ is still attractive and pretty.

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