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  • Seo Kangjun
  • Seo Kangjun 서강준
    "Absorbing various genres, his pure face exudes ‘the third charm’"
<Summer Snow> (2015)
<The Beauty Inside> (2015)
<My Love, My Brid> (2014)

It’s not a special compliment to call an actor handsome because many actors are equipped with above-average looks. Besides, beauty is quite subjective. However, Seo Kangjun is handsome enough to go beyond this standard of beauty. His features with fair skin, exotic brown eyes, and the realistic version of the character in romance comics are a powerful inducement that Seo captures public curiosity. However, specialized looks don’t notarize his potential as an actor. What’s important is to gain a unique personality and availability, not just appearance. Seo Kangjun is the case verified that very quickly.

Seo Kangjun started his career in the entertainment industry after being selected as a member of ‘Surprise,’ the first actor group that claimed ‘acting idols’ in Korea. And in 2013, the actor officially made his debut with the web drama After School: Lucky or Not. He was expected to follow the steps handsome actors would take, but Seo reversed this public prejudice in a good way through the one-act drama Haneuljae Murder Case (2013), where he starred only three months after his debut. Seo Kangjun heralded the birth of a new actor we should watch by playing the captivating character who falls in forbidden love with Moon Sori, Korea’s leading actor and his senior actor.

Since then, he has sped up his walking. Seo Kangjun won the Best New Actor at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards for his performance in Cunning Single Lady (2014). The following year, he won the Hot Star Award for Hwajung, getting on the track of a general trend. He also was cast as the lead role in the Korean version of the popular American HBO drama Entourage (2016), drawing keen attention from the industry. From the historical drama Hwajung, the SF Are You Human Too? (2018), the thriller WATCHER (2019), to the romance When the Weather is Fine (2020), one of his strengths is his wide range of genre absorption. Especially in Are You Human Too?, he showed various charms by playing a double role, freely moving between a cold and cynical guy and a righteous and warm-hearted robot.

Having conquered the variety show world through Roommate (2015), Seo Kangjun also released single albums overseas, including in Japan, while working as a member of the group ‘Surprise.’ In the variety shows, he shows unexpected and innocent charms, but on stage, he becomes a romantic guy close to perfection. In many ways, he is an all-round multi-player that has twisted charms. His next film is the SF-tracking thriller Zero. As it will be released through Disney Plus Channel, Seo Kangjun will meet foreign fans naturally. His next film is also waiting for its release. Through Director Kwak Jaeyong’s film Happy New Year, Seo will expand his acting spectrum further. Jung Siwoo

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