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Jul 27, 2022
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[ACEMAKER movieworks]




2022 l Drama Thriller

DIRECTOR Lee Ilhyung

CAST Lee Sungmin, Nam Joohyuk


Tel +82 2 6952 8403

Email sales@acemaker.co.kr


Pilju is a former soldier who is now well into his eighties and suffers from Alzheimer’s, but he still remembers the day when he lost all his family. He has spent all his life planning his vengeance. Now is the time for him to finally put the plan into action, but while doing so, he unfortunately gets a young man involved, who therefore becomes the prime suspect.  

Lee Ilhyung comes back with a thriller based on a script of his own, after drawing attention with his first feature A Violent Prosecutor, which he had also penned. He was first noticed for the scripts of Beastie Boys (2008) and KUNDO: Age of the Rampant (2014). His sophomore project sees him team up with Lee Sungmin, who starred as the dictator Park Chunghee in the historical political thriller The Man Standing Next (2019). His co-star Nam Joohyuk is a young actor who recently rose to fame with a Blue Dragon Award for Best New Actor for The Great Battle (2018).


[Cinema Dal]


The 2nd Repatriation 

2022 | Documentary

DIRECTOR Kim Dongwon

CAST Kim Youngshik

CONTACT Cinema Dal

Tel +82 2 337 2135

Email sales@cinemadal.com


In 2000, the era of inter-Korean reconciliation, 63 unconverted long-term prisoners were repatriated to the North, and converted long-term prisoners were excluded from the list.

In 2001, those excluded made a declaration stating that the conversion by torture was invalid and started the 2nd Repatriation movement. However, the possibility of it happening has been fading due to several political conflicts.

Repatriation released back in 2003, was awarded the Freedom of Expression Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. After 19 years, the story of the ones who could not be repatriated and remained in the South is finally here.

The film deals with the hope and despair of long-term prisoners, victims of South Korea’s anti-communism, who have to survive in the fierce political landscape that has been dividing South Korean society, as their only wish is to be allowed to return to their hometown. 


Nobody's Lover 


2021 | Drama


CAST Hwang Boun, Seo Younghee, Jun Sukho, Woo Jihyeon, Hong Xabin, Kim Minchul, Park Jeongyeon, Lee Yuji

CONTACT Cinema Dal

Tel +82 2 337 2135

Email sales@cinemadal.com


Yujin, an 18-year-old teenager, has been abandoned by her pregnant mother, who left with her boyfriend. With no other family, no friends at school, and no acquaintances who could give her a hand, Yujin knows she has only herself to rely on, so she finds a job at a pizza shop. Thanks to the people she meets there, she finds stability, and she even falls in love with a college student, without knowing that another young man who is also doing part-time there has himself fallen for her. However, there are still many tensions in her relationship with her mother, and her new dating life isn’t without trouble as she still doesn’t know what her heart wants. As things seem to get increasingly complicated, Yujin is certain that she is the one who is ruining everything. 

This is the directing debut of Han Inmi, a graduate of the Korean Academy of Film Arts, who debuted with the short Till the Break of Day (2013) before winning the Grand Prize in the Korean Short Competition of the Jeonju International Film Festival for Blossom (2015). Being Hwang Boun'debut film, she is joined by Seo Younghee, the lead actress in Bedevilled (2010), recently seen in Night of the Undead (2019).




The Limit 


2022 l Crime Thriller

DIRECTOR Lee Seungjun

CAST Lee Junghyun, Moon Jeonghee, Jin Seoyeon, Park Myunghoon, Choi Duckmoon

RELEASE DATE August 17, 2022

CONTACT Contents Panda (NEW)

Tel +82 2 3490 9372

Email sales@its-new.co.kr


Soeun is a police officer who recently incorporated a secret investigation squad. When they are put in charge of the kidnapping of a boy, she is designated to pose as the child’s mother and negotiate on her behalf with the kidnappers. All of their plans to track down the suspects’ end in failure, and worse than that, he is always one step ahead. It appears that the criminals they are dealing with weren’t born yesterday and have planned everything meticulously. Soeun is feeling intense stress as the higher-ups are becoming impatient, and to make matters worse, she suddenly gets a phone call from the kidnappers, except that this time the voice she hears is none other than her son’s. Struck with guilt over her incapacity to protect her own child, and, knowing that the first 48 hours are the most critical in kidnappings, she decides to use other, less savory methods.

Lee Seungjun, first assistant director on blockbuster action films Haeundae (2009) and Quick (2011), tries his hands at the thriller genre, with a film headed by Peninsula (2020) star Lee Junghyun and Parasite (2019) scene-stealing actor Park Myunghoon.




2022 l Crime 

DIRECTOR Kim Kyoungwon

CAST Ju Jihoon, Park Sungwoong, Choi Sungeun

CONTACT Contents Panda (NEW)

Tel +82 2 3490 9372

Email sales@its-new.co.kr


Hyunsoo runs a private detective agency. One day, while visiting a pension to meet with a client who lost her dog, he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Indeed, his client has been kidnapped, and the police, finding his presence in the area suspicious, see him as the prime suspect and arrest him on the spot. For better or worse, on the way to the police station, the car he was being brought in is involved in an accident. Since he is the only one to get out of it unscathed, he is also the only one to know the real reason as to why he was in this car. And so, when people mistake him for a prosecutor, he decides to play the part and seize this opportunity to conduct his own investigation and clear his name. Before long, he meets Dohoon, a real prosecutor, who has been demoted to a countryside precinct for daring to go after the suspicious activities of a powerful law firm. When she hears about Hyunsoo’s story, she notices some odd similarities with the case she has been obsessed with all these years and decides to cooperate with him.

In the second feature project of Kim Kyoungwon, financed by the local streaming platform wavve, Ju Jihoon, best known for his take as a grim reaper in Along With the Gods duology and more recently for the espionage thriller The Spy Gone North (2018), teams up with rising star Choi Sungeun, who was recently praised for the indie drama Ten Months (2020).




Next Sohee 


2022 l Drama


CAST Doona Bae, Kim Sieun


Tel +82 2 569 8777

Email sales@finecut.co.kr


Sohee, a high school student attending a vocational school, is asked to gain work experience through an externship as a subcontractor at a call center for a major internet provider. It doesn’t take long for her to discover the harsh reality of the work conditions there, especially with their constant obsession with performance. Disappointed, angry, and overwhelmed with stress, she is found a few weeks later dead. A detective is determined to get to the bottom of this case.

The story is inspired by the real-life story of a student who committed suicide in her workplace, a call center in Jeonju where she was doing an externship. Director July Jung reunites with Doona Bae, who plays the cold-hearted detective, eight years after their first collaboration on Jung’s debut feature A Girl at my Door, which was produced by Lee Changdong. It premiered in its non-final version as the closing film of the Critics’ Week in Cannes, where it received a long-standing ovation. Playing the student is Kim Sieun, who could be seen playing against Son Yejin and Hyun bin in the thriller The Negotiation (2018).


Christmas Carol (Working Title) 


2022 l Thriller Drama

DIRECTOR Kim Sungsoo

CAST Park Jinyoung, Kim Youngmin, Kim Donghwi, Song Geonhee, Huh Dongwon


Tel +82 2 569 8777

Email sales@finecut.co.kr


On Christmas eve, the body of a teenage boy is discovered in a water tank. The victim is Wolwoo, the twin brother of Joo Ilwoo. Ilwoo immediately rules out the possibility of an accident or suicide and believes that there is more to it than it first appears. Following a few scattered clues, he is convinced that the people responsible for his brother’s death are hiding in a juvenile detention center and finds a way to get incarcerated. There, he comes face to face with the worst criminals, but nothing will stop him from seeking the truth and enacting immediate justice.

Director Kim Sungsoo, a Korean thriller filmmaker who debuted in 2005 with Running Wild followed by the Korean-Japanese co-produced film Genome Hazard in 2013 and the hit thriller series Save Me in 2017, comes back with a thriller that is set to depict youngsters who fell into the gutter in a realistic way. Korean rising star Park Jinyoung, who rose to fame as a member of the K-pop boy group GOT7 before moving to acting with his most recent successes including the series Yumi's Cell and The Devil Judge as well as the Netflix original film Yaksha: Ruthless Operation, plays both brothers, thus taking on a double role for the first time.

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