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Press Conference Held for TABLOID TRUTH

Jan 21, 2014
  • Writerby SONG Soon-jin
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New Thriller by Director of MY DEAR DESPERADO

Tabloid Truth, directed by KIM Kwang-sik, behind 2010’s My Dear Desperado, and starring KIM Gang-woo of The Taste of Money (2012), JUNG Jin-young of S.I.U. (2011) and GO Chang-seok of The Front Line (2011), had a press conference at CGV Apgujung.
Tabloid Truth is a story about manager Wu-gon (KIM Gang-woo) who loses everything when his actress dies following gossip from the stock market and then chases the source of the information. Director KIM Kwang-sik said, “This movie begins with the curiosity surrounding what the ‘Tabloid Truth’ is, how it came about and who circulated it. In the process of chasing the source, I felt that the complicated problems in our society are structurally related and I wanted to present them to the audience.” KIM Kang-woo said, “I’m a fan of Director KIM’s previous work. The title made me curious to know what the story is about and when I received the scenario I decided to be in it as soon as I started reading.”
Meanwhile, GO Chang-seok played a character with a distinctive fashion style. He said, “In order to vitalize my character and his shadowy job, I pierced my body and did some nail work. I was so immersed in the character that I purchased the fashion items myself.” Charismatic actor JUNG Jin-young plays the gossip's source, President PARK in the film. He shows his confidence saying, “This movie allowed me to show a different character in my filmography. I will show a unique and sweet side of myself.”
Tabloid Truth, which is financed and distributed by CJ Entertainment, is scheduled to be released in theaters on February 20th.
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