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Aug 30, 2021
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[ACEMAKER Movieworks]



2021 | TBD l Action, Thriller


CAST LEE Sung-min, NAM Joo-hyuk



Tel +82-2-6952-8405

Email sales@acemaker.co.kr


Pilju (Lee Sungmin) is a former soldier who is now well into his eighties and suffers from Alzheimer, but he still remembers the day when he lost all his family during the Japanese occupation. He tattooed names of those who were responsible for the deaths of his family on his fingers so he would never forget them and has spent all his life planning his vengeance. Now is the time for him to finally put the plan into action, but while doing so he unintentionally gets a young man (Nam Joohyuk) involved. The latter  becoming the prime suspect, he decides to follow Pilju in his vengeful quest in order to prove his innocence.  


Director Lee Ilhyung is back after he made a successful debut in the crime action A Violent Prosecutor (2015). Playing Pilji is non other than Lee Sungmin, who rose to stardom with hit series Misaeng and could also be seen in A Violent Prosecutor before taking top billing in The Sheriff In Town (2016) and The Spy Gone North (2017). by Fabien Schneider


[Cinema Dal] 



2021 | TBD l Documentary


CAST PARK Dong-soo, KIM Jin-san


CONTACT Cinema Dal

Tel +82 2 337 2135

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The new documentary Corydoras debuted in the Korean Competition section of this year’s Jeonju International Film Festival. It is the second feature film by RYU Hyung-seok, following his debut The Evanescent Relief, which earned a brace of awards at the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs) in 2018.


Just like his debut, which followed a young girl who turned to painting as she battled leukaemia, in Corydoras, RYU turns his lens on Park Dong-soo, a disabled poet. He began writing verse while staying in a facility, but now that he has been discharged, Dong-soo is struggling to find inspiration for his newfound artistic pursuit. During this period he buys a corydoras fish and as he spends long hours gazing upon on it, he drifts asleep and experiences the place where he used to live through his dreams. In an effort to find threads for his poetry, he decides to go back and visit those places. Though Dong-soo is someone with friends and a passion to comfort him, Corydoras also shines a delicate light on the struggles he endures owing to his disability. Not only his physical obstacles, but also the occasionally hateful behavior he experiences from strangers. Director RYU’s portrait of his subject is at once melancholy and hopeful. by Pierce Conran 



2020 | TBD l Documentary


CAST LIM Jaechun, KIM Kyungbong, LEE Ingeun, JANG Seokcheon


CONTACT Cinema Dal

Tel +82 2 337 2135

Email sales@cinemadal.com


Director LEE Soo-jung returned triumphantly to the Busan International Film Festival last October, where she premiered her latest documentary Sister J. The film, which puts the spotlight on the struggles of an activist trying to bring about a change in workers’ rights, debuted in the Wide Angle Competition at BIFF and came away from the festival with the Mecenat Award for the best Korean documentary. After working under IM Kwon-taek and as a line producer on commercial films, LEE struck out on her own with Jinsuk & Me in 2012, which examined the struggles of sit-in protesters, and she hasn’t looked back since through a string of socially-minded non-fiction works.


Sister J focuses on a laid-off worker from a guitar-making factory who has been spending the last ten years taking part in sit-in protests over unfair dismissal. Over the years he finds a new lease on life as he becomes interested in the arts. He learns and performs Shakespeare and Kafka on the stage, plays cajón in a band and now goes by the nickname Sister J, having become a cherished member of the fringe art community with the ability to make people laugh. But when the long-running legal struggle he’s been involved in threatens to come to an end, he does something unexpected. by Pierce Conran





2021 | TBD l Horror, Thriller


CAST SONG Changeui, SONG Younggyu 


Tel +82 2 3490 9372

Email sales@its-new.co.kr


The mysterious death of First Lieutenant Lim, a woman officer who served in the reconnaissance battalion of the DMZ, and an operation to track down a deserter connected to him prompt an internal investigation that leads to unexpected and disturbing findings. This military thriller, the debut feature of Kim Minsub, will star Song Changeui, as a veteran lieutenant who clashes with the authorities in charge of the investigation. 


Song is a stage musical actor who starred in Once Upon A Time In Seoul (2006) and A Reason to Live (2011) and turned heads when he headlined one of the earliest Korean series to portray a homosexual couple, Live is Beautiful. He recently made his big screen comeback with Beyond the Mountain (2020). He is joined by Song Younggyu, who could be seen in the comedy phenomenon Extreme Job (2018) and the indie sports drama Baseball Girl (2019). by Fabien Schneider





2021 | TBD Crime, Action

DIRECTOR Park Daemin

CAST Park Sodam, SONG Saebyeok



Tel +82 2 3490 9372

Email sales@its-new.co.kr


"I deliver everything that the post office service does not handle.” Eunha, who is a normal junkyard employee, secretly works as a delivery clerk that deals with unusual delivery request. One day, Eunha heads to Seoul to pick up a client who is involved in a gambling crime that wants to flee overseas. However, Eunha meets the client's young son at the pick-up point, instead of the client himself. Kyungpil, a current police officer who is actually masterminding the whole gambling crime, chases after the missing child who has the security key to the bank account that holds 30 million dollars. After a long pursuit from Seoul to Busan, Eunha fights against the police to protect the child!


Actor Park Sodam, who caused the ‘Jessica Song’ craze in PARASITE, will challenge an action movie for the first time. Through this film, Park Sodam heralded a dramatic visual transformation that was different from what she had shown in various works, as well as a fierce car-chasing scene and intense action. Another familiar face from PARASITE appears in the film. Actor Jung Hyunjoon, who played Dasong, the youngest son of President Park's couple in PARASITE, took the role of Client’s young son in the movie. In addition, various talented actors such as Song Saebyeok, Kim Euisung, Yeom Hyeran, and Yeon Woojin also joined the team to complete a solid lineup. By Park Hyejin

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