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Jan 17, 2017 ~ Jan 23, 2017
  • Bitch On the Beach
    Bitch On the Beach (2016)
    - Director : JEONG Ka-young
    - Main Cast : JEONG Ka-young, KIM Choe-yong-jun
    - Genre : Romance
    In a daytime, Ga-young barges in to her ex boyfriend Jeong-hoon's place. All of a sudden she says, "Let's have sex." For her, there is no going back without it. She insists, and Jeong-hoon becomes sympathetic... Will Ga-young get what she wants today?
  • Our Love Story
    Our Love Story (2016)
    - Director : LEE Hyun-ju
    - Main Cast : LEE Sang-hee, RYU Sun-young, PARK Keun-rok, KIM Jong-soo
    - Genre : Romance
    Yoon-ju is a graduate student of fine arts and is working on her graduation exhibition. One day, while she is searching materials for her project, she runs into Ji-soo at a junk shop. Watching Ji-soo in an odd place, Yoon-ju finds herself drawn to her. After their in...
  • The Great Patriots
    The Great Patriots (2016)
    - Director : KIM Soo-hyun
    - Main Cast : KOO Kyo-hwan, DONG Bang-woo, KIM Sang-hyun
    - Genre : Comedy
    Coincidence brings Gyohwan, a ´keyboard warrior´ who has left home and is moving from gosiwon to gosiwon, and Jeongsu, a ´patriotic senior citizen´ who has fought all his life against the left wing, together who become close like a grandfather and grandson. A black ...
  • Yourself and Yours
    Yourself and Yours (2016)
    - Director : HONG Sang-soo
    - Main Cast : KIM Joo-hyuk, LEE Yoo-young, KIM Eui-sung, KWON Hae-hyo
    - Genre : Drama
    Painter Youngsoo hears that his girlfriend Minjung has been drinking and fighting with another man. That night they argue, and Minjung leaves, saying they should stop seeing each other for a while. The next day, Youngsoo sets out to look for her, but to no avail. Meanwh...

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