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Ko - production in Busan
Dec 10, 2018 ~ Dec 16, 2018
  • America Town
    America Town (2017)
    - Director : JEON Soo-il
    - Main Cast : SEO Gap-suk, JI Dae-han, KIM Hyeon-suk
    - Genre : Drama
    From 1953 to the mid-1990s, dozens of ‘America Towns’ sprang up across South Korea. These camps were established primarily to provide bars and sex workers for US military personnel. Against this seedy backdrop, director Jeon Soo-il tells a touching tale of love and ...
  • Grass
    Grass (2018)
    - Director : Hong Sangsoo
    - Main Cast : KIM Min-hee, JUNG Jin-young, KI Joo-bong, SEO Young-hwa
    - Genre : Drama
    Down an alley where one wouldn't expect to find such a place, there is a coffeehouse where people sit here and there talking amongst themselves. Opposite the coffeehouse, the owner of a small grocery has planted various kinds of vegetables that sprout up inside large ru...
  • Intimate Strangers
    Intimate Strangers (2018)
    - Director : LEE Jae-kyoo
    - Main Cast : YOO Hae-jin, CHO Jin-woong, LEE Seo-jin, YUM Jung-ah
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    Lifelong friends and married couple, Seok-ho and Ye-jin, invite their close friends since childhood over for a housewarming dinner. They end up playing a game where they must share all the messages and calls to their cell phones. Though it starts off lightly, more and m...
  • Mermaid Unlimited
    Mermaid Unlimited (2017)
    - Director : O Muel
    - Main Cast : JEON Hye-bin, MOON Hee-kyung, LEE Kyoung-jun, KANG Rae-yeon
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    Yeongju is fired from the aquarium due to being repeatedly drunk during performances. Her friend Ga-yeon hears of a position on Jeju island for a synchronized swimming coach, and sends Yeongju there. She teaches synchronized swimming to the female divers.

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