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Ko - production in Busan
Nov 20, 2017 ~ Nov 26, 2017
  • A Midsummer's Fantasia
    A Midsummer's Fantasia (2014)
    - Director : JANG Kun-jae
    - Main Cast : KIM Saebyuk, IWASE Ryo, LIM Hyungkook
    - Genre : Drama
    A Korean filmmaker journeys to a small rural town in Japan, Gojo, with his assistant director Mijung who interprets for him. The film is in two parts whereby the first tells the story of the filmmaker’s encounters with interesting people of Gojo, while the second unrav...
  • Autumn Sonata
    Autumn Sonata (2015)
    - Director : LIM Wang-tae
    - Main Cast : BoA, LEE Hak-joo, OH Gwang-rok, SONG Ok-sook
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    It is said that time is equal to everyone but things are different to Suryeon who turns 30. She doesn't have much time to live. Her dad died from disease when she was young. She expects the same path.
  • Baby Beside Me
    Baby Beside Me (2016)
    - Director : SON Tae-gyum
    - Main Cast : YI Yi-kyung, JUNG Yeon-ju
    - Genre : Drama
    Doil is about to get out of the army. Waiting for him are Soonyoung, a woman he’s promised to marry, and his newborn son. On furlough, Doil finds out that he is not the biological father, and shortly after, Soonyoung disappears. Doil does everything he can to find her,...
  • Duck Town
    Duck Town (2017)
    - Director : YOO Ji-young
    - Main Cast : LEE Se-young, YUN Jin, NAM Tae-boo, KANG Sin-Il
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    Heejung hopes to leave Daegu and transfers to a university in Seoul. She works at a ticket office for paddle boats to save up for her tuition. One day while she dozes off, someone attempts suicide.
    I AM HOPEMAN (2017)
    - Director : NA Hyeon-tae
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
  • Jiseul
    Jiseul (2012)
    - Director : O Muel
    - Main Cast : LEE Kyoung-jun, HONG Sang-pyo, MUN Seok-bum, YANG Jeong-won
    - Genre : Drama
    In 1948, as the government issued the communists’ eviction from Jeju Island, the military invaded a calm and peaceful village. Running away from the military, the townsfolk go into a cave. They try to hide to survive but there seems to be no hope like the dark cave. As...
    LOST TO SHAME (2016)
    - Director : NAM Yeon-woo
    - Main Cast : NAM Yeon-woo, AHN Seong-min, HONG Jeong-ho
    - Genre : Drama
    Songjun is an unknown actor who often has to borrow money from his brother to get by. On one of his grim days, Songjun is cast as the lead in a play about homosexuality. The play is successful and Songjun is lauded for his performance. By taking the role and making effo...

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