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Ko - production in Busan
Jan 24, 2018 ~ Jan 30, 2018
  • A Living Being
    A Living Being (2018)
    - Director : MIN Byung-kook
    - Main Cast : LEE Il-hwa, YANG Dong-keun, HAH Yeong-soo
    - Genre : Drama
    On the remote island of Jeju, an old man, Moon-ho, spends his time masturbating as a result of his Alzheimer’s disease. Yoon-jeong, who works in a nursing home as a caretaker, treats Moon-ho as if he was a child. One foggy day, Jong-Kyu, a wanderer driving a muddy jeep...
  • Bittersweet Brew
    Bittersweet Brew (2016)
    - Director : LEE Sang-woo
    - Main Cast : BAEK Sung-hyun, LEE Sang-a, SEO Shin-ae
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    Seong-du Park, who graduated from the best university in Korea majoring in laws, is indulged deeply in coffee and coffee making. He works part-time at a coffee shop, where a teenage girl Yeon-seo, who has a crush on him, visits everyday to see him. His mother wants him...
  • Prince Yeonsan
    Prince Yeonsan (1961)
    - Director : SHIN Sang-ok
    - Main Cast : SHIN Young-kyun, CHOI Eun-hee, DO Kum-bong, SHIN Seong-il
    - Genre : Drama, Epics/Historical
    This is a typical historical drama from the early 1960s on Yeonsangun (Shin Young-kyun), a king who had a life of extreme ups and downs. He is a son of King Seongjong (Kim Dong-won) and in great shock as he finds out that he is the son of deposed queen Yoon (Ju Jeung-ry...
  • Sermon on the Mount
    Sermon on the Mount (2017)
    - Director : YOO Young-uee
    - Main Cast : BAEK Seo-bin, TAK Woo-seok
    - Genre : Drama
    Questions occasionally turn up in mind for those deeply buried stories that nobody told clearly and nobody could tell.
    Can 8 young people find the real answer?
    What is the tree of the knowledge and the forbidden fruit?
    Why does the God make the fruit and ...
  • Spinning The Tales Of Cruelty Towards Women
    Spinning The Tales Of Cruelty Towards Women (1983)
    - Director : LEE Doo-yong
    - Main Cast : KIM Ji-young, MOON Jung-suk, CHOI Sung-kwan, Won Mi-kyung
    - Genre : Epics/Historical
    Kil-rye is a maiden from a respectable but poor family. She marries the deceased son of the powerful Official Kim's household. Kil-rye acts as young widow but she is violated by Han-saeng. When this is found out, Kil-rye is able to run away thanks to the kindness of her...
  • The First Lap
    The First Lap (2017)
    - Director : KIM Dae-hwan
    - Main Cast : KIM Sae-byuk, CHO Hyun-chul
    - Genre : Drama
    The first step of starting a family, the first step of facing the family you have run away so far.
    Su-hyeon, a teacher at a private art institute and Ji-young, a contract worker at a small network enterprise have been living together for 6 years. To his surprise, S...
  • The Namesake
    The Namesake (2017)
    - Director : CHOI Jong-gu
    - Main Cast : LEE Sang-hee, YOON Eun-jee, KIM Ju-hu
    - Genre : Drama
    A woman who has lost her daughter while escaping from North Korea meets a woman of the same name as her late child who tries to run away from domestic violence.

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