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May 29, 2017 ~ Jun 04, 2017
  • 3xFTM
    3xFTM (2008)
    - Director : KIM Il-ran
    - Main Cast : KO Joung-woo, HAN Mu-ji, KIM Myung-jin
    - Genre : Documentary
    KOH Jong-woo, who says that he has been a man since birth, has been taking hormones for eight years. He thinks that if he cannot become completely ‘masculine,’ he will not be recognized as a man. He also wants to erase his experiences as a woman. HAN Moo-ji, a transge...
  • Come, Together
    Come, Together (2017)
    - Director : SHIN Dong-il
    - Main Cast : LEE Hye-eun, LIM Hyungkook, CHAE Bin
    - Genre : Drama
    Korean society is extremely competitive, and sometimes you have to get dirt on your hands in order to survive. Of course, not all succeed after doing so. This is the case of the family in Come, Together. Middle-aged Bumgoo, his family’s breadwinner, is one day fired wi...
  • Delta Boys
    Delta Boys (2016)
    - Director : KO Bong-soo
    - Main Cast : YUN Ji-hye
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    4 hopeless guys finding comfort as they prepare for male quartet competition
  • Forever With You
    Forever With You (1958)
    - Director : YU Hyun-mok
    - Main Cast : DO Kum-bong, JANG Min-ho
    - Genre : Drama, Romance, Action
    Gwang-pil (Lee Ryong), Dal-su (Choi Bong) and Sang-mun (Choi Myeong-su) are gangster boys who pick pockets. Ae-ran (Do Geum-bong), who works at a bakery, and Gwang-pil have known each other from childhood and are lovers. The three gangster boys rob a US army warehouse, ...
  • On the Beach at Night Alone
    On the Beach at Night Alone (2016)
    - Director : Hong Sangsoo
    - Main Cast : KIM Min-hee, JUNG Jae-young, SEO Young-hwa, KWON Hae-hyo
    - Genre : Drama
    After an affair with a married man, celebrated actress Younghee decides to take some time out. She travels to the far-off, foreign city of Hamburg. In a conversation with a friend she asks herself if her lover will follow her and whether he misses her as much as she mis...
  • Steel Flower
    Steel Flower (2015)
    - Director : PARK Suk-young
    - Main Cast : JEONG Ha-dam
    - Genre : Drama
    A homeless girl stays in empty houses to get by. In the winter, she leaves Seoul and heads to Busan, searching for work. But it's tough to do much without a phone or address. On top of it all, she is often deceived by adults and has nobody to talk to.
  • The World of Us
    The World of Us (2016)
    - Director : YOON Ga-eun
    - Main Cast : CHOI Soo-in, SEOL Hye-in, LEE Seo-yeon
    - Genre : Drama
    At an age when perhaps friends mean more than moms, 10 year-old Sun is an outcast at school. During summer vacation, she meets Jia, who is new to town. As Sun shows Jia around the neighborhood and they play at each other’s houses and share secrets, they become best fri...

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