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Ko - production in Busan
  • Statistical Review of Korean Film Industry 2005
  • Feb 08, 2006
  • Kim Mee-hyun ( Doh Dong-joon ( Policy Research and Development Department, Korean Film Council ☐ General overview of 2005 -While the number of admissions dropped during the first half of the year, things turned around in the second half. The year 2005 saw the Korean film industry continue the double-digit growth in terms of admissions which began after 2000. Moreover, average annual admissions grew by 20.4% over this five year period, meaning that total admissions essentially doubled from 2000-2004. However, admissions in the Seoul area in 2005 showed almost no change from the previous year. More to the point, admissions in Seoul were actually down by 10.4% over the same period the previous year during the first half of 2005; which in essence means that it was a strong second half which made it to a great extent possible to recover. A similar pattern emerged throughout the country. In fact, admissions for Korean films were down 27.6% during the first half of the year before rebounding during the second half to display overall growth of 1.2% for the entire year. The possibility of a crisis which gripped the industry during the first six months of the year was greatly alleviated by a 13.5% increase in admissions for first-run films during the second half. However, this late push failed to coax the accumulated admissions for the year into the black. This phenomenon in which admissions have stagnated, or even decreased, has also taken root in most of the major foreign film markets as well, including the United States. One of the main reasons for this has been that in this era marked by the rapid spread of the Internet and other forms of new media, as well as by the rapid changes in the overall media environment, moviegoers find themselves with an increasing number of entertainment options. * For the whole article, please find a file attached below.
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