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Ko - production in Busan
  • THINKING OF MY OLDER BROTHER featuring IM Si-wan and KO Asung Completed Shooting
  • by HA Sung-tae /  Oct 19, 2015
  • To Be Released in the Lunar New Year's Day Season, 2016
    Thinking of My Older Brother (translated title) featuring IM Si-wan and KO Asung (to be distributed by Next Entertainment World (N.E.W.), produced by Joy Rabbit) has completed shooting and is now ready for post production.
    Thinking of My Older Brother is LEE Han’s newest film who directed Punch and Thread of Lies that also featured KO Asung. Based on the true story of a children’s choir during the Korean War, this film features a miracle created by one little song, in the midst of the war time where everything is lost. 
    The first shooting took place on May 18th, and the shooting crew went around the country including the cities of Gyeongju, Chungju, and Samcheok in Gyeongsang, Chungcheong, and Gangwon Provinces for the following 4 months. The 64th shooting, which was the last one, ended with Lieutenant HAN Sang-ryeol who has been traumatized by the war (played by IM) and The Claw (played by LEE Hui-joon) in a duel, the latter viciously intimidating children. IM shows the ways in which Lieutenant overcomes the war time trauma through the interaction with the children's choir, revealing his warm and manly inner self. 
    It is the first main character played by IM who has previously played in The Attorney. "Including the preparation, I spent the last 6 months with this film," said IM, "I don't exactly feel that it is over yet. Thinking of My Older Brother is a very warm movie. I hope a lot of people can share warm feelings through this film."
    KO Asung has recently played in Office and a TV drama I heard it from the rumor, and now taken the role of PARK Ju-mi in Thinking of My Older Brother. "I have been very happy working on this film since May, and I can't wait to meet the audience," said KO, "it was such a special experience to work with the little children and I am very happy to be working again with LEE Han."
    In addition, LEE Hui-joon and LEE Joon-hyeok are also recruited in Thinking of My Older Brother
    Thinking of My Older Brother is invested and distributed by N.E.W. which has co-built a company Huace & N.E.W with Chinese Huace Media group. Thinking of My Older Brother is to be released in the Lunar New Year's Day season in 2016 and it is interesting to see how appealing to the audience this war based true story is.
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