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Ko - production in Busan
  • by Pierce Conran /  Jul 06, 2020

  • 2012
     | 109 MIN | Horror, SF
    DIRECTOR PARK Jung-woo
    CAST KIM Myung-min, MOON Jung-hee, KIM Dong-wan, LEE Ha-nee
    RELEASE DATE July 5, 2013
    CONTACT CJ Entertainment
    Tel +82-2-371-5500 
    Fax +82-2-371-6340 

    After months of limited activity amid the new normal of social distancing, the rising summer temperatures may prove very persuasive as residents coping with the niggling lifestyle of Covid-19 era look to escape their homes. Perhaps then the 2013 summer hit Deranged, with its story of deadly water-based parasites, can serve as a reminder of the dangers that are still out there.

    After losing his savings when a get-rich scheme he was sucked into by his cop brother Jae-pil (KIM Dong-wan) goes belly-up, Jae-hyuk (KIM Myung-min), a salesperson in a pharmaceutical firm, is frantically doing his best to put money on the table and dig himself out of debt. While he works long hours, his wife (MOON Jung-hee) and their two young children while away a long, hot summer at home. Then one day, after a grotesquely dehydrated body is discovered in a stream in Seoul, a crisis begins to take shape as several bodies are found floating in bodies of water around the country. All the victims are traced to the same creak in the Gangwon province, where Jae-pil is sent to investigate.

    Meanwhile, the situation grows increasingly serious and pandemonium erupts across the country when it is discovered that anyone who has recently cooled off in a shared body of water may be at risk of ingesting deadly hairworm parasites. These organisms grow inside their hosts, and eventually compel them to seek out the nearest body of water, into which they will plunge to their deaths while the parasites escape and give birth to thousands of new parasites seeking new hosts. Jae-hyuk soon realizes that his family, who recently cooled off in an outdoor pool, are likely infected, and he does everything to try to save them. The plot thickens when his company is revealed to have a cure to the disease that was mysteriously discontinued not long before the calamity.

    With its combination of influenza thriller, classic sci-fi and family drama, Deranged (2013) is a uniquely Korean spin on a blockbuster premise, which is largely indebted to BONG Joon-ho’s The Host (2006), another tale of a national crisis brought on by a dangerous water-based creature with a strong family angle.

    Detective K franchise lead KIM Myung-min plays the head of the family while his wife is played by MOON Jung-hee, who would go on to draw greater notice the following summer in the horror-thriller Hide and Seek (2013). Extreme Job (2019) star LEE Ha-nee appears in an early supporting role while eagle-eyed viewers may also note indie star KIM Sae-byuk in an early bit part as a mother fretting over her child outside of a factory.

    The film is the third by Director PARK Jung-woo, following his earlier drama Dance with the Wind (2004) and comedy Big Bang (2007). Deranged proved to be a massive hit in early July, with 4.52 million viewers (USD million) recorded, despite being released a few weeks before the school holiday seasons, which that year would welcome The Thieves (2012). Director PARK would stay with the disaster thriller genre for his next film, the nuclear-themed Pandora in 2016.
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