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Ko - production in Busan
  • Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
    Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Oct 06, 2021 ~ Oct 15, 2021
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 2 3675 5097
    - Fax : +82 2 3675 5098
    - Office : [Busan] 3rd Floor, BIFF HILL, Busan Cinema Center, 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan 612-020, Korea [Seoul] #1601, GARDEN TOWER, 84, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-795, Korea
  • Busan International Film Festival is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. After its establishment in 1996, BIFF has focused on introducing and supporting new Asian directors and their films. BIFF is a non-competitive festival but it also operates a competitive program. In 1998, BIFF launched Asian Project Market (APM, former Pusan Promotion Plan/PPP) followed by Asian Film Market in 2006.
    Gala Presentation
    Special screenings of the latest films from influential filmmakers and actors.

    A showcase of the latests works from iconic filmmakers from around the world.

    A Window on Asian Cinema
    A selection of some of the best Asian films of the year.

    New Currents
    A competition of first or second feature films from emerging Asian directors.

    Korean Cinema Today
    A showcase of the best Korean films of the last year, divided into two subsections made up of mainstream titles and independent/arthouse films, respectively. 

    World Cinema
    A selection of prominent non-Asian feature films coming from well-know filmmakers or that received awards from international film festivals. 

    Flash Forward
    A competition of first or second features from non-Asian emerging directors.

    Wide Angle
    A section that regroups the Korean Short Film Competition, the Asian Short Film Competition and the Documentary Competition, as well as a documentary showcase section.

    Open Cinema
    A diverse selection of this year's much-anticipated titles that are screened at the outdoor theater of the Busan Cinema Center

    Special Program in Focus
    Different retrospectives and special showcase highlighting a filmmaker, a country, or films revolving around a specific topic.

    On Screen
    Presentation of highly anticipated TV series and shows that marked the previous year.
    New Currents Award
    New Currents Award is given to the two best feature films selected from the first or second feature of new Asian directors in competition in the New Currents section. A prize money of USD 30,000 is awarded to each film. The jury consists of world-renowned film experts who will choose winners to discover and encourage the hidden jewels of Asian cinema.

    KIM Ji-seok Award
    Named after the late Kim Jiseok who devoted his whole life to discovering young Asian directors and supporting the growth of Asian cinema, this prize is bestowed to two films from up-and-coming directors, with a prize money of USD 10,000.

    BIFF Mecenat Award
    BIFF Mecenat Award is granted to the best documentary from Korea and Asia screened as part of the Wide Angle section. The winner will be granted a cash prize of KRW 10,000,000 (approx. USD 8,500) for their next production.
    Sonje Award
    Sonje Award is given to the best Korean and Asian short films in the Wide Angle section, with KRW  10,000,000 (approx. USD8,500) provided to each director for the production of their next project.

    Actor & Actress of the Year
    Actor & Actress of the Year are two awards bestowed to debuting actors who appear in independent Korean films selected for  the New Currents and Korean Cinema Today Vision sections. A jury composed of recognized Korean actors selects two performers with outstanding performance. The winners receive each a cash prize of 5,000,000 KRW (aprox. 4,300 USD) each.
    KB New Currents Audience Award
    This award is given to the film from the New Currents section that receives the highest average rating from the festival audience. A cash prize of KRW 20,000,000 (approx. USD 18,000) is awarded to the director. 

    Flash Forward Audience Award
    This award is given to the film from Flash Forward section that receives the highest average rating from the festival audience. A cash prize of KRW 10,000,000 (approx. USD 8,500) is awarded to the director.

    FIPRESCI Award
    The FIPRESCI Award (Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics) is awarded to the title in the New Currents section that best embodies the experimental and progressive spirit of the section.

    NETPAC Award
    The NETPAC (The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award is given to the year's best film screened in the New Currents section. NETPAC is an international organization founded in 1990 devoted to the promotion and development of Asian film distribution and exhibition.

    The DGK MEGABOX Award goes to two Korean films from the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. Each winner will be granted KRW 5,000,000 (approx. USD 4,300). 

    CGV Arthouse Award
    This award was newly created in 2011 in collaboration with CJ CGV Arthouse to shed new light on the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. The award aims to provide independent films, indie films, new films, and low budget films with distribution and screening opportunities. 

    KBS Independent Film Award
    The KBS Independent Film Award was created to support Korean independent films. One Korean film selected among the titles screened in the Korean Cinema Today-Vision and New Currents sections will receive KRW 10 million (approx. USD 8,500 USD).
    CGK Award
    The CGK Award, sponsored by the Cinematographers Guild of Korea, recognizes the artistic achievements of one director of photography in a Korean film from either the New Currents or the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. The winner will receive a cash prize of KRW 5 million (approx. USD 4,300). 
    Critic b Award
    The Critic b Award is given to one film chosen by the Busan Film Critics Association among the films selected for the New Currents and Korean Cinema Today-Vision sections. The winner will receive a cash prize of KRW 10 million (approx. USD 8,500). 

    Watcha Award
    This award was established to support new directors in Korean cinema. Two Korean films chosen among the titles screened as part of the New Currents and Korean Cinema Today-Vision sections will each be given a cash prize of KRW 10 million (approx. USD 8,500). 
    Citizen Critics' Award
    Citizen critics from the Busan Cinematheque choose the best film among those screened in the  Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. The director is awarded a cash prize of KRW 10,000,000 (approx. USD 8,500) for their next production.
    Busan Cinephile Award
    showcase. The winner is awarded a cash prize of KRW 5,000,000 (approx. USD 4,300). The jury consists of college students, including numerous students from the cinema-related departments of six universities in the Busan region. 

    Asian Cinema Fund (ACF)
    Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) has been an essential partner for Asian cinema with its three supporting categories - Script Development Fund, Post-production Fund and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund. ACF is committed to help activate more independent film productions and to set up a stable production environment. New Asian cinema discovered by ACF gets to complete into a film through comprehensive support from A to Z and to explore various opportunities through Busan's family programs such as Asian Film Market and Asian Project Market (APM). ACF projects have been presented at many international film festivals and received great response both from audience and critics. Now, ACF helps Asian feature films and documentaries to establish their identities and to position themselves as important parts of the film industry. During the Busan International Film Festival, ACF provides a forum for Asian filmmakers to share their knowledge, leading to a pan-Asian network. Also, in cooperation with other international film festivals, ACF broadens opportunities to present high quality Asian films and documentaries around the world. ACF is striving to help Asian filmmakers realize their visions and to take Asian cinema to the next level.
    Forum BIFF
    Due to the continuous global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that requires to take extra care of everyone’s health and safety, Busan International Film Festival has to decide to suspend Forum BIFF 2021. 

    BIFF 2021: Korean Film Line Up

    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     Openin Film
    1 Heaven: To the Land of Happiness Im Sangsoo Korea 2021 101
    1 In Front of Your Face Hong Sangsoo Korea 2021 86
    2 Introduction Hong Sangsoo Korea 2020 67
     New Currents
    1 The Apartment with Two Women Kim Sein Korea 2021 140
    2 Missing Katayama Shinzo Japan & Korea 2021 124
    3 Seire Park Kang Korea 2021 102
     Korean Cinema Today - Panorama
    1 The Book of Fish PARK Hong-min Korea 2021 126
    2 The Cave Lee Youngah Korea 2021 112
    3 Chun Taeil Hong Junpyo Korea 2020 100
    4 The Contorted House Kang Donghun Korea 2021 91
    5 The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey Kim Yongwan Korea 2021 110
    6 Fairy Shin Tacksu Korea 2021 80
    7 The Girl on a Bulldozer Park Riwoong Korea 2021 113
    8 Last Film Jeon Sooil Korea 2021 101
    9 New Year Blues Hong Jiyoung Korea 2021 115
    10 Night in Paradise Park Hoonjung Korea 2021 132
    11 Sinkhole Kim Jihoon Korea 2021 114
    12 Space Sweepers Jo Sunghee Korea 2021 137
    13 Unframed Park Jeongmin, Son Sukku, Moon Choi & Lee Jehoon Korea 2021 130
    14 Usu Oh Sehyeon Korea 2021 79
     Korean Cinema Today - Vision
    1 A Bit Different Lee Woodon Korea 2021 61
    2 Chorokbam Yoon Seojin Korea 2021 89
    3 The Conversation Kim Dukjoong Korea 2021
    4 Doom Doom Jung Wonhee Korea 2021 112
    5 Film for the Coming Winter Kim Kyungrae Korea 2021 73
    6 Hot in Day, Cold at Night Park Songyeol Korea 2021 90
    7 A Lonely island in the Distant Sea Kim Miyoung Korea 2021 116
    8 No Surprise Shin Sun Korea 2021 73
    9 Nobody's Lover Han Inmi Korea 2021 137
    10 Not One and Not Two Seo Bohyung Korea 2021 73
    11 Sophie's World Lee Jeahan Korea 2021 115
    12 Through My Midwinter Oh Seongho Korea 2021 100
     Wide Angle - Korean Short Film Competition
    1 All Is Well, Fighting! Kim Junseok Korea 2021 20
    2 Anthill Lee Solhui Korea 2021 27
    3 THE BLANK Shin Sijeong Korea 2021 18
    4 Errand Lee Youngwoong Korea 2021 16
    5 GUT: Exorcism Park Soe Korea 2021 5
    6 Outing Lee Yujin Korea 2021 23
    7 Source of the Odour Kim Hyoeun Korea 2021 29
    8 Stay Over Night Lee Jihoo Korea 2020 19
    9 Suicidal Student Park Junhyeok Korea 2021 15
    10 Take Me Home, Country Roads Jeon Shihyoung Korea 2021 20
    11 We Have to Love Each Other Lee Ruri Korea 2021 19
    12 A Winter Glove Lee Hyeonju Korea 2021 29
     Wide Angle - Documentary Competition
    1 206: Unearthed Heo Chulnyung Korea & Thailand 2020 93
    2 Fanatic Oh Seyeon Korea 2020 87
    3 Kim Jong-boon of Wangshimni Kim Jinyeoul Korea 2020 102
    4 Names of Revolution Lee Dongyun Korea 2020 97
    5 Piano Prism Oh Jaehyeong Korea 2020 91
     Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase
    1 An Actor Prepares by Gi Gukseo Whang Cheolman Korea 2021 87
    2 I am More Lee Ilha Korea 2021 81
    3 Map without Island Kim Sungeun Korea 2021 92
    4 Poets' Window Kim Jeonhan Korea 2021 70
    5 Steel Boat Kim Jigon Korea 2021 76
     On Screen
    1 Hellbound Yeon Sangho Korea 2021 151
    2 My Name Kim Jinmin Korea 2021 114
     Special Program in Focus - Wonder Women's Movies: The Best Asian Films by Female Directors
    1 The Murmuring Byun Youngjoo Korea 1995 100
    2 Take Care of My Cat Jeong Jaeeun Korea 2001 112