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Korean Film Council, Holding ‘Korean Cinema, Our Old Friend’ Campaign

Aug 27, 2021
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Korean Film Council, Holding ‘Korean Cinema, Our Old Friend’ Campaign



Korean Film Council(KOFIC) is holding the 'Korean Cinema, Our Old Friend' Campaign to add vitality to the Korean film industry and encourage audiences to watch movies in the theater. With the campaign slogan, 'With vaccines ensuring our health, and Korean cinema replenishing our spirits,' KOFIC sends a message to overcome the exhausted hearts with Korean movies along with the COVID-19 vaccination.


Video clips have been released along with the start of the campaign. Actor Jung Woosung participated in the campaign video, who has spent time with Korean films with various characters, from Beat, The Good, the Bad, the Weird, A Moment to Remember, Innocent Witness, and to the latest movie Steel Rain 2: Summit. The released campaign video is based on the concept that suggests meeting again with friends and Korean movies, separated for a while due to the Pandemic. The video shows the scenes from Korean movies that sometimes have been our friends, lovers, and families, who have shared laughter, tears, joy, and sadness with us, touching our hearts with Jung Woosung's narrations.


Subsequently, a video clip, 'Ohjoong Bardem's Korean Film Cheer Log, where Actor Kwon Ohjoong is involved, has also been released. Kwon Ohjoong, who appeared in To Catch A Virgin Ghost and Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim, has been with Korean Cinema as an actor and audience for a long time. He perfectly recreated Javier Bardem's hairstyle, costume, dark circles, and deep voice in No Country for Old Men. Kwon Ohjoong and his wife Uhm Yoonkyeong personally participated in planning, directing, and filming, adding meaning to the video, delivering the message of the campaign through Korean films to heal our hearts and support the movie industry sincerely.



Along with the campaign video, the campaign poster has been produced. The poster contains impressive characters in Korean movies that greet the audience with various facial expressions and gestures in front of the theater. From Ma Seokdo and Jang Chen in The Outlaws, Park Miyoung and Cho Jihye in Miss & Mrs. Cops, Ray in Deliver Us from Evil, Ilgwang in The Wailing, Hyewon in Little Forest, Yu Gwansun in A Resistance, Min Giheon in SeoBok, Miso in Microhabitat, Kiwoo in PARASITE, to Yoon Taegoo, Park Changyi, and Park Dowon in The Good, the Bad, the Weird, the Korean movie characters that have been loved by audiences for their unique charm and personality, remind the audience of memories with Korean movies and give fun to guess the title of the movie and the name of the character.


Meanwhile, KOFIC's 'Korean Cinema, Our Old Friend' Campaign continues through SNS challenges.

You can check the campaign video on KoBiz YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/koreanfilmbiz 


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