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Beat (1997)
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This film is an action drama about people in their twenties; of their wandering, passions, and love. Min comes to a new school and meets Hwan-Gyu in the teacher's office. Hwan-Gyu tries to bully the newcorner but gets beaten and the become good friends because of this. Hwan-Gyu forces Min to go on a blind-date to meet Romey. Romey buys Min a pager and asks him to come to her immediately if she calls him. One day, Min sees his old-time friend Tae-Soo and gets a motorcycle as a...more
Genre Action, Romance, Crime Production Status Released
Running Time 113min Release Date May 03, 1997
Country South Korea Rating
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 74
  • Total Admissions : 11,633
  • Total Gross : $68,924
As of Jul 13, 2024
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