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Gilsotteum (1986)
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  • Gilsotteum
In the summer of 1983, many were searching for family members who were separated during the Korean War. At her husband's urging, Hwa-young goes to a meeting place to see if she can find her son when she gets caught up in memories. With the liberation of the nation, she goes to the town of Kilsodeum and becomes an orphan. Hwa-young goes on to live with her father's friend, Kim Byung-do and falls in love with his son. In Yeouido, at the meeting spot, Hwa-young meets Dong-jin. T...more
Genre Drama, War Production Status Released
Running Time 105min Release Date Apr 05, 1986
Country South Korea Rating
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 1
  • Total Admissions : 5,006
  • Total Gross : $8,278
As of Jul 18, 2024
Contact Point
  • Korean Film Archive | kofa@koreafilm.or.kr
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