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  • 10 SCENE STEALERS⑧-JANG Young-nam
  • by HWANG Hee-yeon, KIM Hyung-seok / 10.17.2014
  • a Shrewd Woman

    There are actors who remain long in the memory despite only appearing in a few scenes. These are the scene stealers. Among the large pool of actors in film, these have reached a certain distinction. Here is a list of ten big scene stealers in the Korean film industry.
    Among tons of actresses who play an ‘azooma’ (middle-aged women), JANG Young-nam is the one who can best play the role of a swift, shrewd and courageous women. Having often appeared in JANG Jin’s films as a supporting character, she has usually acted as a woman in an important position such as an editor, head of a department or a lawyer, due to her confident image. It seemed that she had gotten stuck playing the career woman characters. It was with Azooma (2012) that she first tried to change her image. Just like the title Azooma , a Korean word for middle-aged women, she played a strong woman standing up against the world. Another specialty of hers is comic acting. With the clear pronunciation she mastered on theater stages, she is able to intimidate just about anybody. Due to her tailored, intelligent looks, she seems capable of playing any type of character.
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