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  • 10 SCENE STEALERS⑦-KIM Sung-ryeong
  • by HWANG Hee-yeon, KIM Hyung-seok / 10.17.2014
  • Shining in Her 40s with Emotional Charisma

    There are actors who remain long in the memory despite only appearing in a few scenes. These are the scene stealers. Among the large pool of actors in film, these have reached a certain distinction. Here is a list of ten big scene stealers in the Korean film industry.
    As a Miss Korea alumnus, she debuted as an actress in the early 1990s, but it was not until 20 years later that she finally entered her heyday. She has been around the entertainment world and taken on different roles but had failed to raise her name value. Even with her great beauty, KIM Sung-ryeong never found fame. All she needed was to find the right time. After years of work, she finally started emitting charisma in her 40s. Being as beautiful as when she was younger and sharper than ever, her emotional range has changed a lot. Like a thin membrane trembling at the smallest vibration, her emotions have deepened and her spectrum of acting has widened. From an elegant lady to a silly woman, she relentlessly shows off her potential.
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