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  • 10 SCENE STEALERS⑤-MA Dong-seok
  • by HWANG Hee-yeon, KIM Hyung-seok / 10.17.2014
  • Wild but Tender

    There are actors who remain long in the memory despite only appearing in a few scenes. These are the scene stealers. Among the large pool of actors in film, these have reached a certain distinction. Here is a list of ten big scene stealers in the Korean film industry.
    Looking tough like an ex-MMA trainer, MA is often cast for a specific type of role. He usually plays powerful, rough and bloody roles such as detectives or gangsters. Despite this tendency, viewers are not fed up with his image because he possesses tenderness inside his hard shell. This is also why he can smoothly swing from action to comedy or even play in romance films. He knows very well that humor is crucial when he plays as a timid and indecisive character. Especially impressive is the nuance of the lines he recites with his unusual tone. Surprisingly, he is very fluent and good at controlling his timing. He is also accustomed to working with tempo and enjoys acting in a group. The combination of his masculine looks and delicate emotions is the uniqueness of the actor MA Dong-seok.
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