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  • 10 SCENE STEALERS③-LEE Sung-min
  • by HWANG Hee-yeon, KIM Hyung-seok / 10.17.2014
  • the Ordinary Man with Cautious Eyes

    There are actors who remain long in the memory despite only appearing in a few scenes. These are the scene stealers. Among the large pool of actors in film, these have reached a certain distinction. Here is a list of ten big scene stealers in the Korean film industry.
    His face shows the span of time. He doesn’t have to say that he has been through a hard time, as his face conveys the ups and downs of life. His face shows sadness and pity as his eyes seem to hold dark secrets. He refined his acting skills on theatre stages up until he met LEE Chang-dong and started his career as a film actor. When he acted as the voluble cook and friend of SONG Kang-ho in Secret Sunshine (2007), he hadn’t yet fully found his own character. When he played the role of the unctuous pop columnist in Go Go 70s (2008), he made audiences smile. But it was when he appeared in the Korean drama Golden Time that he showed his image as a solitary middle-aged man. Since then, he has played lonely and stubborn middle-aged men in dramas and films.
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