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  • War of the Arrows, The Unjust win big at the Blue Dragon Awards
  • 11.30.2011
    The 32nd Blue Dragon Awards were held in Seoul the evening of Friday, Nov. 25, 2011. Along with the Grand Bell Awards, the Blue Dragon Awards show is one of the major film awards ceremonies in Korea. <War of the Arrows> took home five awards, including Best Actor for PARK Hae-il and Best New Actress for MOON Chae-won. RYOO Seung-wan’s <The Unjust> won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay.
    Full awards list
    Best Picture – <The Unjust>
    Best Director – RYOO Seung-wan (<The Unjust>)
    Best Actress – KIM Ha-neul (<Blind>)
    Best Actor – PARK Hae-il (<War of the Arrows>)
    Best Supporting Actor – RYOO Seung-ryong (<War of the Arrows>)
    Best Supporting Actress – KIM Soo-mi (<Late Blossom>)
    Best Screenplay – PARK Hoon-jung (<The Unjust>)
    Best New Director – YOON Sung-hyun (<Bleak Night>)
    Best New Actress – MOON Chae-won (<War of the Arrows>)
    Best New Actor – LEE Je -hoon (<Bleak Night>)
    Best Cinematography – KIM Woo-young (<The Front Line>)
    Best Lighting – HWANG Soon-wook (<The Yellow Sea>)
    Best Technical Effects – OH Se-young (action choreography, <War of the Arrows>)
    Best Short Film Award – YANG Hyo-joo (<Broken Night>)
    Best Music – Mowg (<Silenced>)
    Best Art Direction – RYOO Seung-hee (<The Front Line>)
    Highest Admissions for a Korean Film – <War of the Arrows>
    Most Popular (Netizens’ Choice) – KO Soo (<The Front Line>), GONG Yoo (<Silenced>), CHOI Kang-hee (<Petty Romance>), KIM Hye-soo (<Villain & Widow>)
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