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  • Five Korean Films Fly to Japan
  • by June Kim / 02.13.2015
  • Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Screens ONE ON ONE

    The Yubari International Film Festival, which is having its 24th edition this year, has invited five Korean films to participate in its line-up. One film will be screening in Special Invitation, two will appear in the Off Theater Competition, and another two can be seen in the International Short Film Competition section.
    Appearing as a Special Invitation is KIM Ki-duk’s latest, One on One. The film has already gone to various international film festivals since its debut at Venice last year including the Busan, Sitges, Mumbai, Singapore and Taipei International Film Festivals to name a few.
    In the Off Theater Competition, a pink SF film titled The Mandroid and the revenge thriller Mizo were programmed. NO Zin-soo’s The Maidroid is about a man name Sang-soo who lives a busy life and decides to get a robot housemaid that looks human to look after his chores. Also in the same program is NAM Ki-woong’s Mizo. An adopted girl gets sexually harassed by her new parents. Growing up and living through this rough life, she decides to find her biological father and get her revenge.
    The two films in the International Short Film Competition are A Moral Boy and Hurdle. In A Moral Boy, an instructor goes on a movie date with his girlfriend. But upon facing several unfortunate incidents, he becomes frustrated. Hurdle is about the life of a woman who takes care of her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s. One day while watching TV, she comes across a hurdle race and becomes fascinated.
    The Yubari International Film Festival, which takes place in the small town of Yubari in Northern Japan, will be held from February 19th until the 23rd.
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