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  • THE PIRATES to Set Sail in 15 Countries
  • by Pirece Conran / 05.23.2014
  • Summer Swashbuckler Scores Sales in Cannes
    Lotte Entertainment’s high summer blockbuster The Pirates made a big splash at this year’s Cannes Film Market, during which it struck distribution deals with 15 countries around the world. Starring SON Ye-jin and KIM Nam-gil, the film secured to sales to major exhibition markets such as North America, Germany and Japan, among others.
    The Pirates is a USD 15 million-budgeted swashbuckler coming from director LEE Seok-hoon, whose last film Dancing Queen was the top Korean Lunar New Year release of 2012, when it attracted over four million viewers. In the film, multiple factions, including a band of pirates, try to track down a gray whale that swallowed a royal seal.
    The debut poster for the film was revealed in the pages of Screen International during Cannes and the film went on to lock deals with distributors in North America, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, India and various countries in Eastern Europe and South America. Overseas buyers were able to see a short trailer for the film and were said to be impressed by the quality of the film’s effects and the scale of its action set pieces.
    The film will be released in late summer, when it will go head to head with a pair of other big budget period films, CJ Entertainment’s Roaring Currents and Showbow’s Kundo: The Age of the Rampant.
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