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  • Seoul Art Cinema Showcases Venice Film Festival Line-up
  • by SONG Soon-jin / 12.19.2013
  • ‘2013 Venice in Seoul'

    Art house theater Seoul Art Cinema will hold ‘2013 Venice in Seoul’ introducing films from the Venice Film Festival which celebrated its 70th year. Sponsored by the Korean Association of Cinematheques, the Venice Biennale(la Biennale di Venezia) and the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul, the ‘2013 Venice in Seoul’ opens with filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi’s Sacro GRA followed by 18 titles that will be introduced to the public throughout the showcase.

    Starting with the Golden Lion-winner Sacro GRA, the program is divided into 4 sections, offering the public with Venice’s competition and non-competition line-up. There will also be special screenings such as Roberto Rossellini’s Paisa, Damiano Damiani’s A Bullet For The General, and Venice 70 : Future Reloaded, an omnibus collaboration of 70 noted filmmakers including KIM Ki-duk, HONG Sangsoo and Lav Diaz. Also, Venice Film Festival 1980-1989 spanning the history of the Venice Film Festival, and the Venice Biennale–chosen New Director of the Year, Alessio Fava’s Yuri Esposito will be screening as part of the showcase.
    The showcase will be accompanied by a series of events including a cinema-talk with Venice Film Festival programmer Elena Pollacchi and Seoul Art Cinema’s Program Director KIM Seong-wook, as well as other cine-talks exploring the subject of ‘the politics of family melodramas’, ‘the origins of revolutionary Westerns’ and ‘the African paranoia’. A critical discussion with film critics LEE Yong-cheol and Yoo Woon-seong, moderated by KIM Seong-wook on the works of German filmmaker Christian Petzold will also take place.
    The ‘2013 Venice in Seoul’ will be held from December 17th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014.
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