Jun 2016 VOL.62


  • KOFIC opens first and largest umbrella stand at Busan
  • 10.31.2011
  • At this year’s Asian Film Market held during the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) debuted its first Busan umbrella stand, featuring 12 companies.

    Alongside sales companies and organizations, seven post-production houses were featured, several of which have already worked with overseas companies. These included Digital Studio 2L (<A Chinese Ghost Story>), Macrograph (<Forbidden Kingdom>, <The Restless>), Digital Idea (<The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate>), Independence (<Poetry>), Moneff (<May 18>), Next Visual Studio (<71 – Into the Fire>) and Studio Raon (<Death Note>).

    “Originally we have umbrella stands at overseas markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Berlin, but this is the first time KOFIC is opening a stand here with other companies coming to Busan,” noted Yoon-hyung JEON, Europe & PR Manager at KOFIC’s International Promotion Center.
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