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  • The Answer is International Co-Production
  • by JANG Sung-ran / 10.15.2012
  • Successful opening of the 1st KOFIC industry forum
    KOFIC Industry Forum was held during the 17th Busan Intenational Film Festival (BIFF) in hopes to find a way to revitalize international co-production from) Oct.8-10. First time being held, it was co-sponsored by Korea Film Council and Asian Film Market.
    The theme of the 1st Industry Forum was ‘international co-production’. “Since domestic market is being saturated, thought it was time we moved on the foreign markets, and this is why we came up with this theme“ said HAN Sang-hee, manager from the International co-production team.
    On this forum, seminars, presentations, meetings with Korean film projects that are seeking for international co-productions and pam tours to Busan film locations and post-production facilitations have been done.
    The two topics for the seminars were ‘Co-production with Asia’ where a number of overseas producers with international co-production experience have been invited to find out ways to make co-productions possible between Asian and non-Asian countries and ‘Outlook of the international co-production development in Korea China and Japan’ where significance and boxoffice hits were analysed.
    A presentation on ‘Introduction of the international co-production financing’ to think about forms and methods of investments on co-productions through overseas private financing cases also caught attentions from cineastes as well.
    A several business meetings to supported by KOFIC were actively being done. The 12 films that attended the meetings were ROH Gyeong-tae’s Black Stones, LEE Young-mi’s Blood of Killers (TBD), LEE Jong-seok’s Forbidden, producer OH Eun-sil’s The Glasses, PARK Yu-hwan’s JL351, This Is Pyongyang Airport!!, HUR Jin-ho’s The Last Princess (Working Title), YUN Hong-seung’s Love & Lingrie, KIM Baek-jun’s Monsters, producer LEE Joon-dong’s Raging Boy, Hwai, producer LEE Yong-hee’s Sammy Lee, SHIN Chan-bi’s Where Are You from, and producer KIM Wan-sik’s Youku Love.
    KOFIC Industry Forum ended on Oct.10 by visiting some of the film locations in Busan and post-production sites with invited guests. The manager HAN Sang-hee evaluated the forum saying “through this forum we were able to introduce the world wide flow of the international co-production and actually strengthen the possibility of our contents to be co-produced. KOFIC Industry Forum is planned to be held every year with different themes.
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