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  • LEE Jung-jin on PIETA: “I gave it my all”
  • 08.13.2012
  • Korean actor LEE Jung-jin to walk the red carpet at Venice
    LEE Jung-jin, the star of KIM Ki-duk's new film Pieta, spoke frankly about the film's upcopming screening at the Venice International Film Festival. Appearing on an SBS radio program, he talked about the extreme pleasure of seeing Pieta be the first Korean film in seven years to be invited to Venice, the last being PARK Chan-wook’s Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. He added that Pieta is a very strong film, going on to say, that “I fell ill despite the film not being an action movie. I must have given it my all.” LEE said he’s excited about the possibility of Pieta winning an award at Venice, to which the DJ, JANG Gi-ha, who happens to be LEE’s close friend, said jokingly, “you must not forget about me if your film wins something.” LEE also said that when he heard about the film’s invitation to Venice, he felt that it was the deepest honor for him as an actor in his entire acting career. Pieta, set to be LEE’s turning point as an actor, is to open in Korea on 6th September.
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