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  • Fateful Encounter, Fatal Love
  • by LEE Eun-sun / 05.24.2013
  • Where Are to Go?

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    JIN Seung-hyun | Starring KIM Gyu-ri, U Gun, KIM Ra-im | Genre Melodrama | Running Time 97 min | Rating 19+ | Release Rate May 16
    ▶ Synopsis
    Hee-young thoughtlessly heads for Busan with the sole intention to woo her first love that she decided to break up with only to get married to a wealthy man. There, she meets Jun-ho in a taxi by chance. Her cold-looking yet somewhat sad face bothers him, but she feels uncomfortable with his interest in her. During this trip with unexpected company, they gradually become attracted to each other.
    Where Are to Go? is a story about the fateful encounter between a woman fed up with the meaningless marital life with her husband who doesn’t even remember her name and a young taxi driver who has lost his dreams and hopes through his dry daily routine. The deviance of the man and the woman triggered by long hidden desire reflects the psychology in general of men and women today. The audience can imagine breaking out of a seemingly fixed routine through Jun-ho and Hee-young escaping from their routines.
    Hee-young used to dream of being an actress, but she chose to get married to lead a comfortable life. Jun-ho wanted to be a baseball player, but he is a taxi driver now and barely manages to survive. Their coincident yet happy trip vicariously fulfills the average peron's desire. Director JIN Seung-hyun acquired a taxi driver’s license in order to understand the properties of the limited space inside a taxi. He also talked with a variety of passengers. KIM Gyu-ri and U Gun are coming back through this film after a long break to meet awaiting fans.
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