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  • Bringing Back Good Memories
  • by LEE Eun-sun / 04.23.2013
  • Happiness for Sale
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    Director JEONG Ik-hwan | Starring CHOI Gang-hee and BONG Tae-gyu | Genre Drama and Comeday | Running Time 106 Minutes | Rating All | Release Date May 16th
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    KANG Mi-na is a happy public worker. But her father suddenly falls ill. So she is forced to run her father’s “Mi-na Stationery Store.” This time, Mi-na tries to sell off the stationery store which she has hated since her childhood. But elementary school students are resisting her plan as they love the store.
    The strongest appeal of Happiness for Sale is heroine CHOI Gang-hee. This is because CHOI is a very popular actress with a character that wins the sympathy of audiences on screens and TV. CHOI's KANG Mi-na is a feisty and hot tempered but warm-hearted character. Mi-na is a typical woman in her 20s or 30s who has trouble choosing between work and love while forgetting what is really important in her life.
    “CHOI Gang-hee is none other than Mi-na. I could not think of other actresses for the role of Mina,” director JEONG Ik-hwan emphasized. The most anticipated point of this film is a new character that CHOI Gang-hee will express in the film as CHOI excellently expressed a unique character through the 2006 film My Scary Girl. The setting of this film is a stationery store with various products for students in front of a school. The store is a space connecting children and Mi-na. Their story unfolds in this store. Feisty Mi-na always squabbles with trouble-making pupils who are regular customers of her store. On top of this, the film becomes more comical thanks to Kang-ho (BONG Tae-gyu), a teacher at the school who is addicted to playing a video game in the stationery store.
    JEONG Ik-hwan made his directorial debut through Happiness for Sale after working as an assistant director of Crazy Waiting, Lifting Kingkong and In Love and the War. So movie fans have high expectations for Happiness for Sale. “I would like to deliver a meaningful message to spectators who are worn out due to their tough lives,” director JEONG said. “It will be a chance to think again about the valuable things around us and memories.”
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