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  • Frustrated Actors at Work
  • by HUH Nam-woong / 02.26.2013
  • Behind the Camera

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    Director, Producer E J-yong | Starring YOUN Yuh-jung, PARK Hee-soon, GANG Hye-jung, OH Jeong-se | Genre Drama | Running Time 85 min | Rating 12+ | Release Date Feb 28
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    One day, an eccentric director goes to Hollywood saying he wants to make the first remotely directed film. 14 wasted actors are confused and angry. Let’s listen to what they have to say.
    E J-yong showed us how to fall in love in 10 minutes in the omnibus movie Cine Note. Now, he's back with Behind the Camera, a feature film derived from a short film about a director remotely directing a film. For this wild and new idea, actors YOUN Yuh-jung, PARK Hee-soon, KIM Min-hee, KIM Ok-vin and JUNG Eun-chae as well as directors LEE Joon-ik and YIM Pil-sung joined him.

    Although they all gladly accepted to participate in the film, they are puzzled as the director actually flies to Los Angeles and gives directions using the Internet and a smartphone. At the filming site without the director, actors become extremely sensitive and they cannot focus on their parts. Directors of photography are also in trouble because directions are not smoothly passed on. The crew memebers who joined the project come into conflict with director E.

    Behind the Camera is meaningful because it's the first film ever made via the Internet, but all that is left is nothing but the confused shooting site. E first began with the idea of comfortably concentrating on directing without having to hear complaints from actors and staff. One thing the film successfully shows is that the site is in complete disarray when to much freedom is given to everyone, which demonstrates that a shoot requires a far more complicated communication system than one might think.

    The film leaves us a question. Like he suggested with the film Behind the Camera, could there be any other means to replace the current shooting system? “It will be replaced by something else little by little”, says the director who experienced the chaos firsthand.
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