Jun 2016 VOL.62


  • My Paparotti
  • by BAEK Jong-hyun / 02.04.2013

  • Director YOON Jong-chan Starring HAN Suk-kyu, LEE Je-hoon Release Date Mar
    KM Culture, a company that has proved its ticket selling power with well made and popular films such as 200 Pounds Beauty, a romantic comedy brightly satirizing the social atmosphere obsessed with beauty and Take Off, a human sports drama,  is going to release My Paparotti. As the title hints at, it’s a film about music. The story follows the tough situations between a music teacher and one of his pupils. Sang-jin (HAN Suk-kyu) was a promising vocalist, but somehow he loses hope and ends up killing time at an arts high school. Jang-ho (LEE Je-hoon) is a high school student, but he is more like a gangster. They seem miles apart but music connects them. Jang-ho, dreaming to be a great vocalist like Luciano Pavarotti although he is a gangster in reality, makes an effort to realize his dream after he meets Sang-jin. Sang-jin also regains his ambition as he recognizes the talent of Jang-ho. YOON Jong-chan, who directed Gooseflesh (2001) and I Am Happy (2008), is back with his first film in four years. The synergy between the national star HAN Suk-kyu and the future star LEE Je-hoon is worthy of expectations.
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