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  • A Message of Cure and Salvation
  • by JI Yong-jin  / 12.28.2012

    Director LEE Won-sik | Starring SUNG Yu-Ri, LEE Ju-seung | Genre Drama | Running Time 103 min | Rating 15+ | Release Date Jan 3, 2013
    Yun-hee can never forget her younger brother who sacrificed his life trying to save her as she drifted on a river that rose after a torrential rain when they were young. Because of her guil, she cannot go out during the rainy season, which makes her lose her job every time. One day, she loses her purse with her brother’s picture in it to a bully called Jin-ho. Later, they meet by chance at the school where she hands out lunch.
    This film has a warm message that heals people with pain. It won the right to receive pre-production support at the 7th Seoul Christianity Film Festival in 2009 and was aided by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) for production in the same year. 1 year after the production was complete in January 2012, it is able to see the light.

    The leading actress SUNG Yu-Ri starred in the film with no appearance fee as she said, “As long as the film helps me try a new type of acting, I don’t really care about the guarantee.” LEE Ju-seung, who has acted in several independent films like Members Of The Funeral, One Night Stand and U.F.O, once again had an opportunity to show his unique world of acting. The director LEE Won-sik said, “I hit upon the idea to make this film when I read an article about a brother and sister that I had filed a while ago. I hope as many people can receive the message of hope and cure as possible.” The director thought the sister could have been agonized by the guilt through her entire life if her bother died and she was the sole survivor. The film will prove the fact that a film based on a true story gives much stronger impressions than fiction can.

    The audience will be moved when they find out that Yun-hee and Jin-ho both have a wound inside and resemble each other although they have lived very different lives. As the viewers see the protagonists break free from their trauma and step into the world, they will feel purified in the beginning of 2013.

    The director debuted when his first feature scenario Daybreak written in 1998 which was selected for the Pusan Project Promotion at the 3rd Busan International Film Festival (BIFF, previously Pusan International Film Festival). Time Machine, a short film he directed in 2004, the year he graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts, received attention when it screened at several film festivals including the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival, the Torino Film Festival and the Singapore International Film Festival.
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