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  • A Record of Korea's Dark Modern History
  • by LEE Eun-sun  / 11.30.2012

    CHUNG Ji-young | Cast PARK Won-sang, LEE Geung-young | Genre Drama | Running Time 106 minutes | Rating 15 or above | Release Date 22nd November
    On September 4th 1985, at the height of the military regime in Korea, democracy movement leader KIM Jong-tae is taken into custody by police after visiting a public bathhouse with his family. He think this is nothing out of the ordinary as it has happened many times before but he is taken to an unknown place by men he does not recognize. After being confined to the interrogation room in Namyoung-dong, he is tortured in an attempt by the regime to coerce him into writing a false confession.
    Director LEE Joon-ik said of the film that it reminds us to look at painful history head-on, adding that he liked the film's attitude towards the difficult part of the country's history, irrespective of politics. Director KWON Chil-in said the film was a chance for someone from the younger generation such as himself to think hard about their sense of history and that he admires CHUNG's courage. Actor AHN Sung-ki, who starred in CHUNG's Unbowed said the film beautifully carries out its duty to show an aspect of history and that CHUNG has done it once again.
    National Security is based on the auto-biography of the late KIM Geun-tae, advisor to the Democratic United Party, 'Namyoung-dong'. Director CHUNG said that his film seeks to show that torture was a device to break the body in order to force out a lie. National Security is a testament to the primitive cruelty of man, an expose about torture that breaks not only the body but also the human spirit. The film poses the question: how do the victims of torture live these days. Will it ever be possible to heal their bodies and spirits?
    The film reminds us of the painful history of Korea when the military regime tortured its people under the pretence of national security. The film grabbed the attention of local and foreign media at the gala presentation at the Busan International Film Festival on October 6th. A lot of attention is currently focused on the film in the campaign period prior to the presidential elections in Korea.
    PARK Won-sang, the main actor of the film said, "the film is about torture but it's also about forgiveness and memory. The film will create a new memory for those who didn't experience those painful times of Korea. It's not an easy film but I hope that you will all bear with it and that it will be a film which everyone can take part in with their hearts."
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