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  • Harmony and Friendship between a Girl and a Man
  • by JANG Sung-ran  / 11.30.2012

    Director Christopher Robin Collins | Cast LEE Young-su, Madeline Lucre | Genre Drama | Running Time 93 min | Rating R | Release November 22nd
    Hyun (34), an insular Korean living in Australia, has a chance encounter with Martina (13), an orphaned beggar girl who finds herself under the influence of a wannabe crime-lord. A strange and unique relationship develops between these two lost individuals. Martina helps Hyun reconnect with the world around him and he helps this overly cynical young girl believe in dreams once more.
    While working as a systems analyst on airline computer systems, Producer LEE Bong-won completed course work for a master’s degree in Korea and a film directing course in Canada. He also completed an intensive film production course at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California.
    While he was working as a systems analyst in Sydney, Australia, he wrote a short film and produced the 20 minute short Martina with an Australian crew and actors in 2002. From 2004, He produced/directed two short films and worked on Korean-shot foreign media projects like the human weapon ‘Korea Taekwondo’ episode for The History Channel and the Korean tourism campaign for The Discovery channel.
    In July, 2008, he contracted script writer Lara Moon and a year later Lara had the Martina feature length script (based on the concept of the short film Martina) he had been looking for. Lee soon started producing the feature film Martina, now titled Little Thief.
    Christopher Robin Collins has directed, edited and or written over 40 short films, more than 150 TV commercials, 100 music videos and numerous documentaries, TV dramas and corporate films both in Australia and overseas. Christopher's style is distinctic, dynamic and colourful - a perfect combination for contemporary commercials.
    He is also at ease with talent direction whether it be comedy or drama and has worked with many of Australia's finest actors, such as Geoffrey RUSH and Bryan BROWN. Christopher is a director with a difference as he will often photograph and edit his own work. He is highly accomplished at both, winning awards in all areas. Little Thief is his second feature and embodies the style and integrity he has become so well known for.
    Actor LEE Young-su majored in vocal music at Won-Gwang University in Korea. He then graduated from Korea's National University of Art, majoring in acting. In addition, he worked as a dancer for modern dance performances. LEE Young-su also practised three martial arts - Taekwondo, kick-boxing and Indian martial arts - and worked as a martial arts team member for three Korean feature films. He was a lead actor for the mid-length film Way Station.  He has worked for 25 musicals, stage plays and 12 mid-length and short films as a lead actor and supporting actor.
    Although young, Madeline Lucre is a seasoned performer. Beginning at the age of six, with a commercial for children's charity Barnardos, she then went on to work for the Sydney Theatre Company's production of Stella and the Moonman. In New Caledonia she sang and danced for Petite Theatre, Centre Culturel du Mont-Dore in their production of The Pirates of Penzance.
    Madeline has trained with both the Australian Theatre for Young People and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in their summer school programs. This is Madeline's first feature film.
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