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  • The Outback
  • 01.30.2012

  • Title (Korean):
    <코알라 키드: 영웅의 탄생> (Ko-al-la Ki-deu: Yeong-woong-ui Tan-saeng)
    Year: 2012
    Length: 85 min.
    Format: Digital 3D
    Aspect: 16:9
    Color/BW: Color
    Audio: Dolby SRD
    Director: LEE Kyung-ho
    Cast: Taemin [LEE Tae-min] (Voice), Sunny [LEE Sun-kyu] (Voice)
    Genre: Animation, family
    Release Date: Jan. 12, 2012
    DigiArt Production
    Tel: +
    Fax: +
    International Sales:
    Lotte Entertainment
    Tel: +82.2.3470.3540
    Fax: +82.2.3470/3549

    Jani, a lonely circus koala, one day lands in the middle of the Australian wilderness by accident. Soon after, he encounters a group of animals being bullied by Bog the crocodile and his gang, and helps them escape. Jani’s new friends, including the cute koala Charlotte and the beautiful koala Miranda, begin to see him as a fearless leader who will protect them from Bog and his gang. Greedy circus manager Hamish and his photographer Higgins begin to capitalize on Jani’s popularity by selling photos of the new “Koala Kid”. However, one day Bog manages to kidnap Charlotte and it’s up to Jani to live up to his newfound reputation as the hero.
    <The Outback> is a South Korea/US co-production that has been dubbed in both Korean and English for release in both countries. Director Lee Kyung-ho debuted with a similar collaboration, 2006’s <Shark Bait>, which was co-directed with John FOX and Howard E. BAKER.
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