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  • Jam Docu KANGJUNG
  • by Zachary R. Hooker / 01.05.2012

  • Original title:
    Jam Docu 강정 (Jam Docu Gangjeong)
    Year: 2011
    Length: 104 min.
    Format: HD
    Aspect: 16:9
    Color/BW: Color& B/W
    Audio: Stereo
    Director: KYUNG Soon, KWON Hyo, KIM Tae-il, YANG Dong-gyu, JUNG Yoon-suk, CHOI Jin-sung, HONG Hyung-sook, CHOI-HA Dong-ha et al.
    Genre: Documentary
    Release Date: Dec. 22, 2011
    International Film Festivals:
                         2011 Busan International Film Festival
                         2011 DMZ International Korean Documentary Film Festival
                         Jam Docu KangJung Production Commission
                         Tel: +82.2.334.3166
                         Fax: +82.2.325.2137
    International Sales:
                         Cinema DAL
                         Tel: +82-2-337-2135/6
                         Fax: +82-2-325-2137

    Jeju Island, there is no otherplace like it in Korea.A favored vacation spot south of the mainland, Jeju has maintained a unique identity, culture, and history. Despite this, it is announced that a naval base will be built in the small village of Gangjeong (also spelled Kangjung). Villagers protest, and after news of a hunger strike by Jeju-born film critic YANG Yoon-mo goes viral on Twitter, a mass of film professionals travel to the island in solidarity. Among them are the directors of this documentary, each capturing the island’s atmosphere in a different way. One creates a photo essay with elementary school students, one chronicles the independent bands and musicians playing day and night at the protest site, another develops a relationship with the elderly villager caretaker. What results is a collage of the culture and politics of Gangjeong in this contemporary moment.
    The consortium of directors collaborating on <Jam Docu KANGJUNG>all are active in various sectors of Korea’s independent film scene. Among their accolades, Hong Hyung-sook’ s <Reclaiming Our Names> (1998) was awarded Best Korean Documentary at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Choi-Ha Dong-ha’s <High Hill> (2003) was screened at both BIFF and Cinéma du Réel in France, and Kim Tae-il won the Woonpa Award at BIFF with <Annyong, Sayonara> (2005).
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