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  • REC
  • by Zachary R. Hooker  / 12.01.2011

  • Original title:
    REC 알이씨 [Al-i-ssi]
    Year: 2011
    Length: 65 min.
    Format: HD
    Aspect: 16:9 Anamorphic
    Color/BW: Color
    Audio: Stereo
    First feature
    SO Joon-moon
    Cast: SONG Sam-dong, JO Hye-hun
    Genre: Drama
    Release Date: Nov. 24, 2011
    International Film Festivals:
                          2010 Jeonju International Film Festival
                          2010 Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival
                          Pink Robot Film
    International Sales:
                          JinJin Pictures
                          Tel: +82.2.3672.0181
                          Fax: +82.2.741.5225
    Hoping to create a special memento to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their relationship, Young-joon (Song) and Joon-seok (Jo) bring a camcorder to a motel room they have rented for the night. With five years behind them, they both speak and touch each other as if their mutual love will never be shaken. However, as the night progresses the air is stifled with the trite memories and self-reproach they share. As the camcorder continues to roll, it becomes increasing clear that this may very well be their last night together.
    So Joon-moon is one of the very few self-proclaimed queer filmmakers in South Korea. He has made two short films, one featured in the 2004 queer omnibus film <Camellia Project>, the other 2007’s <Auld Lang Syne>, which screened at the 2008 Busan International Film Festival, Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival, and Asiana International Short Film Festival, among others. <REC> is his debut feature.
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