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  • Perfect Partner
  • by Zachary R. Hooker / 12.01.2011

  • Original title:
    완벽한 파트너 [Wan-byeok-han Pa-teu-neo]
    Year: 2011
    Length: 120 min.
    Color/BW: Color
    Fifth feature
    PARK Heon-su
    Cast: KIM Yeong-ho, KIM Hye-seon, KIM San-ho, YOON Chae-i
    Genre: Comedy
    Release Date: Nov. 17, 2011
                      Cham Film Corporation
                      Tel: +82.2.3446.3632
    International Sales:
                      Time Story Group
                      Tel: +82.2.324.0469
                      Fax: +82.2.324.0451
    Screenwriter Joon-seok (Kim Yeong-ho) has been suffering a crippling case of writer’s block and is desperately searching for inspiration and motivation. His junior, prospective writer Yeon-hee (Yoon) is passionate and devoted but lacks any kind of creative spark. Working in culinary studies, Hee-sook (Kim Hye-seon) has reached her wits’ end attempting to develop new cooking techniques. However, one of her students Min-soo (Kim San-ho) is chock full of novel ideas that just might help her. Testing the boundaries of teacher and student, gender and age, how far will these characters push their newfound relationships?
    A veteran of Chungmuro, Park Heon-su began his career as a writer for director KIM Eui-seok’s first two features, 1992’s <Marriage Story> and 1993’s <The Woman and the Man>. Park’s directorial credits include <The Fox With Nine Tails> (1994), <The Wife in Romance> (2000) and <Two Guys> (2004).
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