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  • Horror Stories III
  • by KIM Hyun-jung / 06.14.2016

  • 201694 MIN | Horror

    DIRECTOR MIN Kyu-dong, KIM Gok, KIM Sun, BAEK Seung-bin
    CAST LIM Seul-ong, KYONG Soo-jin, PARK Jung-min, HONG Eun-hee, KIM Su-an
    RELEASE DATE June 01, 2016 
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    Running away from the earth to avoid human beings, a girl (KIM Su-an) makes an emergency landing on a planet ruled by machine. She tells one of the machines why she escaped the earth and a horrifying story of the past and present of the mankind.


    In the first episode of the story, a noble man (LIM Seul-ong) arrives at an isolated village and stays a night at a house where a beautiful woman and an elderly reside. However, it turns out to be a village where resides a fox, that has turned into a human being. In the second episode, in the middle of night in the highway, a couple is chased by a dump truck driving recklessly. In the last episode, an artificial intelligence robot is assigned to look after a baby, which keeps coming around the boy even after discarded. 


    Horror Stories III is the third in this horror series. The story of the girl, connecting the three episodes, was directed by MIN Kyu-dong like in the previous ones, and directors with their distinctive styles joined the crew, including KIM Gok and KIM Sun. Within the generic framework of horror, diverse variations have been attempted like in the past series. Horror Stories III is all the more special in that SF has been applied to the horror genre, which is very rare in Korean cinema.

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