Jun 2016 VOL.62


  • The Deal
  • by Pierce Conran · June Kim / 01.29.2015

  • DIRECTOR SON Young-ho
    CAST KIM Sang-kyung, KIM Sung-kyun, PARK Sung-woong
    RELEASE March, 2015 · Post-Production
    CONTACT 9ers Entertainment
    Tel. +82 70 4490 4073 Fax. +82 2 797 7279
    E-mail jelee@niners.co.kr
    Veteran cop Tae-soo hears about a hit-and-run suspect while under cover in search for a serial killer. Upon capturing the suspect named Gang-chun, Tae-soo realizes that he is in fact the serial killer. In the suspect’s van, Tae-soo finds a familiar cell phone. Realizing that the phone belongs to his sister Soo-kyung, Tae-soo is shocked to discover she was the murderer’s last victim. But her body was nowhere to be found, and Gang-chun shuts his mouth as he is sentenced to death. His brother-in-law Seung-hyun and Tae-soo drown in sorrow. Three years later, Tae-soo becomes involved in a murder case of a gangster boss and finds out that Seung-hyun is the prime suspect. Finding links between the gangs and Gang-chun, a fierce chase starts among a heartless killer and two desperate men whose lives have changed after the murder. KIM Sang-kyung returns as a cop after his famous role in Memories of Murder (2003) playing Tae-soo, while KIM Sung-kyun will play the heartbroken Seung-hyun. PARK Sung-woong turns into an antagonist once again as Gang-chun after his memorable performance in New World (2012).
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