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  • My Love My Bride
  • by Pierce Conran / 10.17.2014

    2014111 MIN | Romantic Comedy
    DIRECTOR  LIM Chan-sang
    CAST JO Jung-suk, SHIN Min-a  
    RELEASE DATE October 8, 2014
    CONTACT 9ers Entertainment
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    A young couple gets married and experiences the ups and downs of married life. Over time the pair begin to bicker over small things and soon the man becomes jealous when his bride meets a mysterious stranger. Can an ordinary man and clever girl get through the growing pains of eternal union?
    Director LIM Chan-sang previously made the SONG Kang-ho historical drama The President’s Barber ten years ago but has not been at the helm of a film since. My Love My Bride is also a remake of the classic LEE Myung-se romcom of the same name from 1990. The film features rising star JO Jung-suk, who rose to prominence in 2012’s Architecture 101 before taking on major roles in period films The Face Reader and The Fatal Encounter, and actress Shin Min-a, the A Bittersweet Life (2005) star who most recently featured in Gyeongju. My Love My Bride co-stars RA Mi-ran and BAE Sung-woo.
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