Jun 2016 VOL.62


  • by Pierce Conran  / 10.17.2014

  • 2014101MIN | Thriller
    DIRECTOR  SHIN Jae-young
    CAST JUNG Kyung-ho, JUNG Yu-mi, KIM Sae-ron
    RELEASE DATE October, 2014
    CONTACT Lotte Entertainment
    Tel. +82 2 3470 3540
    Fax. +82 3470 3549
    E-mail r333@lotte.net
    A serial killer terrorizes Seoul, kidnapping victims and bringing them into the city’s underground sewer network. When a young girl becomes his latest abductee, the victim’s older sister desperately tries to find her before it’s too late.

    Korean horrors are usually reserved for the summer season, to give heat-stricken spectators a chance to cool off with chills in the theatre, but Lotte Entertainment is switching it up by releasing Manhole , their latest K-horror, around Halloween, a popular horror release date around the rest of the world. Manhole also differs from recent local horror offerings by featuring a high profile cast. Playing the villain is Fasten Your Seatbelt star JUNG Kyung-ho while playing the kidnapped girl is The Man from Nowhere (2010) and A Girl at My Door child actress KIM Sae-ron. HONG Sangsoo stalwart Jung Yu-mi features as her older sister. Short film director SHIN Jae-young steps up for his first feature with this latest horror-thriller Korean hybrid that will seek out the dark underbelly of Seoul: both literally and figuratively.
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