Man on High Heels

by Pierce Conran   05.02.2014
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2014|TBD|Action, Drama
CAST CHA Seung-won
CONTACT Lotte Entertainment
Tel. +82 2 3470 3540  Fax. +82 2 3470 3549
E-mail r333@lotte.net

Prolific writer and filmmaker JANG Jin briefly stepped away from the big screen to work on television for a few years, to kickstart the Korean version of Saturday Night Live. Now he is set to return to theaters with crime comedy Man on High Heels.

The ‘Man on High Heels’ is Ji-wook, a hard as nails detective with a penchant for assaulting suspects and not stopping to let anything get in his way as he tries to catch his men. Yet, beneath his cool, masculine appearance lies a secret that he must hide from the world he lives in. His secret desire is that he wishes to become a woman. Not being able to resist his wish any longer, Ji-wook decides to take the plunge and get a sex change operation. However, before he has a chance to do so, a gang that suffered from the cold, hard steel of Jiwook’s handcuffs are dead set on getting their revenge against him. Ji-wook resigns and tries to go about making his dream a reality, but people close to him get sucked into the revenge plot he finds himself at the center of. When some of those people get killed and a girl name Jang-mi falls into danger, he realizes that he can’t stand idly by any longer.

JANG returns with another high concept comedy premise for his 11th feature. The famed writer previously directed the hitman action-comedy Guns And Talks (2001) and the romantic comedy Someone Special (2004). As a writer and producer, JANG has also been responsible for hits such as Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005) and Going by the Book (2007). Joining him for his comeback is screen star CHA Seung-won, who previously worked with the filmmaker on his procedural thriller comedy Murder, Take One (2005) and the father-son drama My Son (2007).
By Pierce Conran

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