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  • Mourning Grave
  • by Pierce Conran / 05.02.2014
    2014|TBD|Mystery, Horror
    DIRECTOR OH In-chun
    CAST KANG Ha-neul, KIM So-eun
    RELEASE DATE June 5, 2014
    CONTACT 9ers Entertainment
    Tel. +82 70 4490 4072 Fax. +82 2 797 7279
    E-mail jelee@niners.co.kr

    Though it is the place where his unwanted ability to see ghosts all began, teenager In-su returns to his hometown in order to face his demons. He had tried to stay away, but his ability, which led vengeful ghosts to seek him out, drew too much attention around him and forced him back to his childhood town. He goes to his uncle Sun-il for advice, who also inherited the same supernatural abilities from his great grandfather, but he is of no help. Beyond his ghostly visions, In-su’s life is also made hell at his new high school, where a gang of bullies cruelly pick on the weaker children. All that In-su has in his life is a mysterious ghost girl who lurks around him. One day, the bullies at the school begin to be attacked one by one by a girl in a gruesome mask. In-su is able to sense the powerful presence of a ghost’s grudge and discovers a link to a girl who was bullied at school and took her own life as a result. Looking to come to terms with his supernatural affliction and to get to the bottom of the murder mystery, In-su dives into the case.

    Acclaimed short filmmaker OH In-chun makes his feature debut with Mourning Grave, a mystery horror film that will be released in early summer, the traditional release window for Korean horror films. A graduate of the Korean National University of Arts, OH has made genre shorts such as Metamorphoses (2011).Starring in the film are popular youth stars KIM So-eun (The Show Must Go On [2007]) and KANG Haneul (from TV Drama The Heirs).
    By Pierce Conran
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