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  • Broken
  • by TAE Sang-joon / 03.28.2014
  • A Father who becomes a murderer, A Detective trails closely behind

    ▶ Information
    Director LEE Jeong-ho | Cast JUNG Jae-young, LEE Sung-min, SEO Jun-young | Genre Action, Thriller | Running Time 122 Minutes | Rating 18+ | Release Date April 10
    ▶ Synopsis  
    Sang-hyun (JUNG Jae-young) becomes despondent when his daughter Su-jin is found dead at a derelict local bathhouse. One day Sang-hyun gets an anonymous text message with information of culprits, then he encounters Chul-yong who is watching a video of his daughter, raped and murdered by boys. Sang-hyun loses his control and kills Chul-yong accidently. He then starts to hunt down the other boys. The detective in charge of the case, Uk-kwan (LEE Sung-min), chases him down.

    The upcoming film Broken is based on an original story written by the Japanese author HIGASHINO Keigo, who is famous for his novels which became the Korean films White Night (2009) and Perfect Number (2012). The film is a story of a father who becomes a murderer after losing his only daughter and a detective on the trail of the father-turned-suspect. The combination of JUNG Jae-young (Our Sunhi, The Plan Man,) and LEE Sung-min (The Attorney, Venus Talk) has been drawing attention. The film is directed by LEE Jeong-ho, who made his debut Bestseller in 2010.
    By TAE Sang-joon
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