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  • Innocent Thing
  • by TAE Sang-joon / 03.28.2014
  • A Korean version of FATAL ATTRACTION

    ▶ Information
    Director KIM Tae-kyun | Cast JANG Hyuk, CHO Bo-ah, SUN Woo-sun | Genre Drama, Thriller | Running Time 118 Minutes | Rating 18+ | Release Date April 10
    ▶ Synopsis  
    Beloved PE teacher Jun-gi (JANG Hyuk) is a little embarrassed when Young-eun (JO Bo-ah) daringly confesses her feelings for him. But soon he manages to keep himself at a distance from her. However Young-eun’s pure love slowly turns to obsession. She starts to regard everyone related with Jun-gi as obstacles, and approaches his wife Seo-yeon (SUN Woo-sun), going so far as to sneak into Jun-gi’s bedroom. The farther he keeps her away, the bolder her obsession grows.

    Upcoming Innocent Thing, a Korean version of Fatal Attraction (1987) directed by Adrian Lyne, starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, is a mystery thriller movie about Young-eun’s cruel love for Jun-gi who used to live an ordinary life. Director KIM Tae-gyun and actor JANG Hyuk are working again together for the first time in thirteen years after Volcano High (2001). JANG Hyuk (The Client [2011], The Flu) appears as Jun-gi, and rookie JO Bo-ah from TV appears as Young-eun. The film is directed by KIM Tae-gyun, and is his first since 2010’s A Barefoot Dream.
    By TAE Sang-joon
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