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  • Lebanon Emotion
  • by TAE Sang-joon / 02.28.2014
  • The Story of a Fleeing Woman & a Man Pursuing Her

    ▶ Information
    Director JUNG Young-heon | Cast CHOI Sung-ho, JANG Won-young, KIM Jin-uk | Genre Drama, Romance | Running Time 106 Minutes | Rating 18+ | Release Date Febuary 27
    ▶ Synopsis  
    Hun-woo(CHOI Sung-ho) commemorates the first anniversary of his mother’s death, but he is still haunted by sadness and rage that stems from a sense of guilt for not being able to save her. One day, screams have him search for a woman(KIM Jin-uk) whom he discovers stuck in a deer trap on a mountainside. He brings her back home where he nurses her. Although they do not share their names, it just takes a day for them to bond. That is until a terrifying man(JANG Won-young) appears at Hun-woo’s doorsteps and attempts to take the woman away.

    The feature debut film of Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA)-trained JUNG Young-heon, Lebanon Emotion, which cuts across the city and rural Korea, paints the story of a fleeing woman and a man pursuing her in desolate and dreary colors. This film won the CGV Movie Collage Award at the 14th Jeonju International Film Festival and the ‘Silver George Award’ for Best Director at the Moscow International Film Festival, the first win for a Korean film there in a decade since JANG Joon-hwan’s Save the Green Planet (2003).

    By TAE Sang-joon
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