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  • Secrets, Objects
  • by Zachary R. Hooker / 10.31.2011

  • Original title: 사물의 비밀 (Sa-mul-eui bi-mil)
    Year: 2011
    Length: 112 min
    Format: HD
    Color/BW: Color
    First feature
    Director: LEE Young-mi
    Cast: JANG Seo-hee, JEONG Seok-won
    Genre: Romance / melodrama
    Release date: Nov. 17, 2011
    International film festivals:
             2011 Montreal World Film Festival
             2011 Jeonju International Film Festival
             Film Front
             Tel: +82.2.522.5797
             Fax: +82.2.522.5798
    International sales: 
             Yejirim Entertainment
             Tel: +82.2.3437.7919
    Hye-jeong is a 40-year old sociology professor. Despite recently authoring a bestseller about how to keep a satisfying and long-lasting marriage, she struggles to hide the fact that her own marriage has recently crumbled. Aggravating her plight is Woo-sang, a student who has recently enrolled in her seminar. A male escort who suffered through a rough upbringing, Hye-jeong cannot help but to fall for Woo-sang’s brash and frank sexuality, despite being more than two decades his senior. As they draw near each other, they explore and transgress the sexual mores and gender norms of modern Korean society.
    Though <Secrets, Objects> is her debut feature, Lee Young-mi has directed numerous short films – such as <Oil & Water> (1997) and <Cabby> (2001) – that have shown at international festivals in Brazil, Berlin, San Francisco and elsewhere. A graduate of Britain’s National Film and Television School, she also worked on the successful UK feature <Notting Hill> (1999).
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