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  • Another Family
  • by Pierce Conran / 01.27.2014

  • 2013|120 MIN|Drama

    DIRECTOR KIM Tae-yun
    CAST PARK Cheol-min, KIM Gyu-li, PARK Hee-jung
    CONTACT M-Line Distribution
    Tel. +82 2 796 2427
    Sang-gu is a cab driver who is thrilled and proud when his daughter is offered a prized position at the famous Korean conglomerate Samsung. However, the dream job turns sour when she is diagnosed with leukemia just two years later. Another Family is based on the real legal battles fought by a group of leukemia patients that worked in Samsung’s factory.
    The film is the second feature of KIM Tae-youn, who debuted back in 2006 with the crime comedy Educating Kidnappers. Starring as Sang-gu is PARK Cheol-min, a frequent presence on screen who has made a name for himself by playing a large amount of supporting roles in Korean films. Another Family is a rare opportunity for him to take on a bigger part. The film, which premiered during last October’s Busan International Film Festival, received a substantial part of its funding from crowd-sourcing, with 6,000 donators contributing a total of almost KRW 280 million (USD 263,000). Additional donations added another KRW 450 million (USD 423,000). The film’s title is recognizable to locals as it is one of Samsung’s slogans.

    By Pierce Conran
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