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  • Monster
  • by Pierce Conran / 01.27.2014

  • 2014|120 MIN|Thriller

    CAST LEE Min-ki, KIM Go-eun
    RELEASE DATE March 13
    CONTACT Lotte Entertainment
    Tel. +82 2 3470 3540 Fax. +82 2 3470 3549

    Bok-soon isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but is nonetheless a brave and bright young lady. One day, she loses her beloved younger sister to Tae-soo, a heartless murderer. As she looks to get her revenge a deadly battle unfolds between this frail but strong young woman and the cold, ruthless killer that ruined her life.
    Monster is the sophomore film of HWANG In-ho who burst onto the scene with the popular horror romantic comedy Spellbound (2011). Previously, he was a screenwriter behind films like To Catch a Virgin Ghost (2004), Love Phobia (2006) and Two Faces of My Girlfriend (2007). In this new film HWANG teams up once again with his Spellbound star LEE Min-ki, the young actor of Quick (2011) and last year’s Very Ordinary Couple. Co-starring with LEE is young ingénue KIM Go-eun, who debuted to great acclaim in 2012’s Eungyo alongside PARK Hae-il, for which she won numerous Best New Actresses Awards, and will also feature in big-budget period action film Memories of the Sword later in the year.

    By Pierce Conran
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